The Media Disinformation Campaign: How The Real Enemy Of Our Country Has Been The Media All Along

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Late one October night, I was getting ready to shut off my computer and head to bed when I got a message from my friend and fellow RedStater, Jennifer Van Laar, asking me to look at a document she had just received.  Received through anonymous means, the document seemed to detail out Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.  There were pictures of Hunter meeting with Chinese officials, documents, travel records, financial records, flow charts, and timelines for Hunter’s business transactions, which painted a picture even more corrupt than anyone could have imagined.


Neither Van Laar nor I were ready to gamble our credibility on the contents of the report.  We spend the next several days digging through the report, independently verifying each and every point made.  We used Secret Service travel records, independent media reports, government financial transaction records, and some good ol’ fashioned journalism to corroborate the dark details contained in the report.  After realizing just how sordid the affair was, we had a long and in-depth talk about whether or not we should write and publish articles about it.  We didn’t hesitate because the details were not confirmed; that was the last thing on our minds.  We were worried that reporting on the type of details that were contained in the report, and the people who were contained in the report, could endanger our lives and the lives of our families.  Our reservations were no longer about credibility.  We KNEW it was credible and real.  It was that reality and credibility that made us question our safety.

Together we decided to report on the sordid details, in a multi-piece series that would cover each of the details of the report.  We figured there were at least 6 or 8 stories there, and each time we would dig deeper, more disgusting and horribly dangerous behavior was uncovered.  While researching the article about the sale of Henniges, a US auto parts manufacturer who made parts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, to AVIC and BHR, (AVIC being the Chinese version of Lockheed or Boeing, and BHR being Hunter’s Company) that we realized that not only was Joe Biden likely aware of Hunter’s business dealings, he was instrumental in the approval of purchases that financially benefitted his son, while selling out US national security.  We were confident that when Joe Biden said he didn’t know, not only was he lying, but he was lying AND selling out our safety.


This was, in my opinion, the biggest scandal in the history of our country.  A sitting US VP helps get the purchase of a US company, by a Chinese State-Owned firm with a history of hacking our Defense Projects, approved, because his son got a big paycheck.  This isn’t a conspiracy.  This isn’t Pizza-gate or Qanon BS.  This was a very real and very documented occurrence, and yet our media was silent.

But what is worse, is that not only did the media not report on it, they attempted to say that the report was wrong, only because they couldn’t identify the source.  They tied it to the Hunter Biden laptop story, despite literally zero parts of the story coming from information contained in the laptop.  They gathered in their editor calls and meetings to agree to ignore the story and destroy the reputation of anyone that did report on the story. NBC News ran a story on this very report calling it conspiracy and lies.

Others called it disinformation, which in itself, is disinformation.  Despite hearing non-stop “proof” for Russian collusion for the better part of the last four years, these criminal clowns in the media ignored the story, because of “concerns of credibility.”  We all know that isn’t the case.  These ideological whores sold themselves in their efforts to defeat Trump.  They knew the information was right, and they knew it was credible and instead buried the story because they knew it was going to hurt their geriatric Jesus.  They knew that voters if armed with the full facts, would have rejected Joe Biden and his grift-enabling actions immediately.  They saw what Hillary Clinton’s email scandal did and swore a blood-oath to protect the Oh-Demented-One.


Had Russia put out a disinformation campaign to discredit a factual story they wrote about Trump, they would have lost their collective-hive-mind. Had China used media to boost Trump’s profile, they would have melted down into a violent orgy of insanity.  They have been painting the Russians as the enemy of “democracy” for the better part of the last 5 years, all while lauding an actual enemy of democracy in China because they knew that any tie to China would have destroyed their hopes of retaking the White House.

The disinformation campaign that they have been squawking about for the last several years wasn’t Russian or Chinese;  It was their own.  When Trump says that the media is the enemy of the people, This.. THIS VERY THING, is what he is talking about.  The media played sides with the Hunter Biden story, not because they questioned the credibility of it but because they knew that the credibility of it would destroy the chance for an old, white, racist of their choosing to become President.

I often felt that Trump’s rhetoric was over the top.  No longer.  The media is absolutely, in every way imaginable, the biggest threat to the future of our Republic.  Without a doubt, what occurred with the Hunter Biden story wasn’t just malpractice, it was a fraud.  While the media is free to choose what they report on and what they don’t, they are not simultaneously free to claim an unbiased place from which they report it.  They are not free to slander and libel those that do choose to report on the truth.  All of the people and organizations that engaged in this cover-up should face the same scrutiny, the same vitriol and the same potential results, as would a foreign agent who engaged in manipulating their elections.  These people are not Americans.  Being American means, country first.  They want to spit calls for patriotism at us while hiding the biggest threats to our security in the name of partisanship.  This isn’t some game anymore.  This is the very survival of our country and the media is complicit in the efforts to destroy it.


The concerns raised by the media about influence in our elections was no more than a game of mafia for them.  While they went around murdering people’s credibility and fact-based reporting, they were pointing the finger and Vladimir Putin saying he was to blame. Look at the bodies in the wake of the media’s influence.  Ask Nicholas Sandmann about media fairness.  Ask Michael Flynn about media fairness.  Ask President Trump about media fairness.  They aren’t fair, and they aren’t unbiased.  They are willfully organizing and participating in the destruction of the United States, to form their own “perfect union.”

The disinformation campaigns never originated from foreign sources. They originated from the enemy among us: the US Media.  Suddenly now, after Joe Biden has purportedly won the election, the story about Hunter peddling his father’s influence is a story.  Now Joe’s knowledge of Hunter’s dealings is germane to the conversation and should be investigated.  Now, and only now when we are on the eve of the potential for a President Kamala Harris, do they believe they should sacrifice Slow Joe on the altar of progressivism.

Shame on them.  Shame on every single one of them.  This is no longer a game and it is no longer a decision of opinion.  This is what Andrew Breitbart called it all those years ago.

This.  This is war.


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