For a Country Without Gas Shortages, There Certainly Are a Lot of Gas Shortages

Here we are, 100 days into a progressive agenda and it seems that everything is going to hell in a handbasket.  The biggest issue we are currently facing is the Colonial Pipeline hack and the subsequent issues that may come of it.  Yet despite the natural consequences of limiting one of the biggest supplies of oil on the East Coast, we should be grateful that we have the Biden Administration to calm our fears.


As reported yesterday by my colleague, Nick Arama, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm got up in front of the White House Press Corps to do her best impersonation of the love child of Baghdad Bob and Marie Antoinette.  Secretary Granholm was quick to tell people that they would not be dealing with any issues if they were driving an electric car and that we are not facing any gas shortages. Certainly, the vast majority of our country does not have the ability to spend $40,000 on a new car, along with all of the required hardware (like home charging stations), to “free” themselves from fossil fuel dependence.  I should know.  I drive an electric car and paid $5,000 to upgrade my electrical panel and install a car charger to support that decision.  Still, those drivers face the limitations associated with mileage limits and the time-intensive charging requirements.  Secretary Granholm’s statements regarding shortages also seemed quite out-of-touch (including her condescending smirk the entire time), as we have seen numerous videos of miles-long lines to get gas along the Eastern Seaboard.


This morning, additional evidence has come forward to show the actual statistics regarding the gas shortages, which have grown to affect several states. Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy, who is described as an “oil & refined products analyst, a foremost expert on oil and gas prices” and a “gas price myth-buster,” has been taking to Twitter to fact-check and provide data regarding the current energy crisis.

De Haan’s approach is one of data and information, not of feelings and propaganda.  His updates on Twitter continue to destroy the progressive propaganda that is being pumped out of Biden’s White House.  De Haan has updated the data for several states and cities showing the number of shortages each area has been facing.


Of course, the Biden White House doesn’t seem to consider this a real crisis (versus an opportunity) because, as Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”  This is all part of the plan for the left: Create a crisis with fossil fuels and use it as evidence as to why more government and harsher regulations are necessary.  Use it as a means to “fuel” a “climate-friendly” agenda, even if it bankrupts the country in the process.  What does a regional shortage do to national demand?  It obviously will send demand through the roof, which anyone who has an amoeba’s understanding of economics could tell you, leads to an increase in price.  De Haan’s data agrees:


Is the left proud?  Aren’t you glad that Democrats are so focused on shutting down pipelines that they don’t take the time to understand the consequences of their actions?  Instead of taking the time to respond to a literal terrorist attack on our nation, Democrats are using this time to lecture us on our fuel consumption.  I think we should replace Granholm with De Haan.  At least then we could trust the data.



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