Granholm Taunts Americans Facing Lines at Pump Due to Attack

The Biden team is not covering themselves in glory with how they are responding to the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline.

One would think that it’s a rather significant threat to national security with a pipeline that serves 45% of the gasoline and other fuel used on the East Coast, As a result, the U.S. Department of Transportation declared a state of emergency on Sunday night.


But how did the Biden folks respond when queried? They were asked whether they thought the Colonial Pipeline should pay the ransom or what their advice had been to the company?

Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology Anne Neuberger explained that whether or not Colonial Pipeline pays ransom to these attackers is a “private sector decision.”

Imagine if the Trump team had said that, how much the media would have excoriated them for downplaying it?

Now, there’s the response from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Here’s a small suggestion for her. Maybe where you’re talking about something involving a national security threat, a serious federal crime, a state of emergency, plus Americans facing lines, shortages, and price surges, maybe you shouldn’t look like you’re completely gleeful about it all? Just a thought.


The reporter asks how does this fit their overall effort toward renewable energy, how does this “speed up” that effort? In other words, how can you use this crisis to your advantage? That’s why Granholm is smiling because she thinks this helps their case, hang who it hurts or the threat to the infrastructure. She also taunts Americans who drive gas-powered cars, with a little smile, “If you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you.” She really is one of the most tone-deaf people in the Biden regime and that’s saying something.

But then she went right into Orwell-speak again. Remember this is the same person who said that it was time to have new definitions of what “infrastructure” was so they could shove all the Democratic agenda items they could into Biden’s “infrastructure” bill.

Just remember, if your gas station has long lines or is out of gas, it’s not because it’s a “gas shortage,” oh no. It’s because there’s a “supply crunch.”


It’s not a real issue guys, nothing to see here.

Meanwhile, some people are not on board with the new language, yet.

Shame on you guys! Get with it!


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