Are We Done Being Glad Trump Isn't President Anymore?

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

I specifically remember how I felt the morning after Trump won the White House in 2016.  While I had not supported Trump in 2016, there was a bit of a sense of relief that, by some miracle, Hillary Clinton was not going to be President.  While I had my reservations regarding Trump that had caused me to not support him in 2016, the disaster that would have been a Hillary Clinton Presidency, was avoided.  It wasn’t long before I felt more comfortable with Trump’s Presidency as he rolled back regulations, lowered taxes, and set the economy loose to climb to levels the Democrats had said was impossible.

I would imagine that is how our Democrat counterparts felt the morning after the 2020 Election.  While many of the Progressives were uneasy about Biden’s Presidency, they were certainly glad that Trump had been defeated (yes, I am aware of the irregularities).  The Democrats were in the driver’s seat to enforce whatever plans they wanted.  The Democrats were free to reverse all of those evil Trump policies and push a sweeping progressive agenda that would bring peace, prosperity, and equality to America, right?

I could imagine that the left’s thinking has been going a little something like this:

At the very least, Biden’s Presidency will finally reverse the crisis at our Southern Border.  We all know that those open border policies and ordering a halt to the building of the wall will solve that problem.  Biden would never build any portion of that wall.  Anyone knows that the entirety of the problems that exist at the border began January 20th, 2017, and there was never a problem at the border before that.  We all know that Trump was keeping kids in cages.  Biden fixed those issues, right?

So he didn’t get it done at the border, but we are still glad we’ve solved the problem with the racial divide that had plagued our country for the last four years.  That too, started when Trump took office and has definitely not been a problem in our country’s history.  All of the rioting and looting was in reaction to Trump’s racist policies that led to increased opportunities for Black-owned small businesses and the lowest Black unemployment rate ever.  Biden’s Administration certainly stepped up there!  Wait, he didn’t?

We can certainly be grateful that Biden changed the distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccines so that they could be administered faster.  Anyone who is anyone knows that no one got the vaccine before Biden became President and that Biden made sure so many people could get it.  We can be certain that Trump did nothing to help with the creation of any of the vaccines and we can be glad that Biden started Operation Warpspeed to supplement those efforts.  What’s that?  That was all Trump?

Well, we can definitely be thrilled with Biden’s leadership in making the US energy independent. Think of all those union jobs he created with his approval of the Keystone Pipeline.  Without his management, gas prices would have doubled and we would have ended up with shortages and lines to fill up that remind us of another great President, Jimmy Carter.  We are definitely safer from a global warming perspective because pipelines definitely contribute so much more to our carbon output than all of the trucks and trains needed to transport that oil. Additionally, and completely unrelated America is also super-safe from cyberattacks.  Come on!  Some of that has to be true!

We definitely know that Trump’s foreign policy was extremely detrimental to the violence in Israel.  We should be thrilled that we have Joe Biden to lead us into a solution to the hundreds of years of violence that has plagued the region.  Biden’s expert negotiating skills have led to so many peace treaties between Israel and countries that have been previously hostile towards it.  I mean, with Biden’s decision to resume funding the PLO we can safely believe that none of those funds will be used to purchase arms and those arms definitely won’t be used against civilians in Israel.  Anyone who is anyone knows that Israel is the aggressor here.  Excuse me?  None of that is true?

There’s still student debt forgiveness… No? I am sure we can count on Biden to put an end to genocide in China… No?  There’s definitely more transparency in government… What?!  Not even that?

Literally, every reason the left and the media used to convince Americans to support their geriatric prop of a candidate has completely disintegrated.  The entirety of the lies, the hatred, the vitriol was to defeat Trump simply because they didn’t like him.  They destroyed our prosperity, our success, and our nation’s greatness, just to defeat Trump.  I wonder how many of them are starting to miss him.

I ask the left this:

Was It worth it?  Are you happy and satisfied with what you’ve done?

Are we done being glad that Trump isn’t President anymore?