Israel Retaliates for Hamas Rocket Attack

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The violence in Israel is nothing new, but today, comes a renewed violence — this time, in response to yet another conflict over Israel’s claim to lands.  Gaza, a strip of land between Israel, the Mediterranean Sea, and Egypt, has long been disputed as to whether or not it is Israeli land or the land of the Palestinians, the Arab Muslim people who have claimed the land as autonomous, and controlled by the Palestinian National Authority.  Israel still lays claim to the land as part of the sovereign country of Israel.


The newest conflict has surrounded an area known as Sheikh Jarrah, an area of Northeastern Jerusalem where the population is primarily Arab.  The accusation is that Israel is unjustly evicting several Palestinian families from the neighborhood.  The area has been back and forth between Jewish/Israeli control and Arab/Muslim control over the past 80 years, leading to the current crisis of claim to the property.  Jews, who originally owned the property before 1948 were forced out by Jordanian forces.  In 1967, during the Six-Days War, Israel regained control of the neighborhood, restoring the control of the area to any families that could prove they were unlawfully evicted by the Jordanians.  As a result, a long and sometimes bloody battle has ensued due to the conflict over the land’s ownership.

Hamas, the pro-Palestinian terror organization, launched a series of rocket attacks against Israel in response to renewed efforts to evict the Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.  The rocket attacks sent Israel into defensive action, sounding air-raid sirens and activating the Iron Dome, an active-defensive system that can target and shoot down incoming Palestinian rocket and missile attacks.


The Iron Dome is extremely effective, handing most of the incoming rockets.

Many pro-Palestinian people took to Twitter to show their support for the attacks against Israel.


In response, Israel launched a counter-offensive, conducting strategic, surgical strikes in Gaza to prevent further rocket attacks as well as stop those who may have been responsible for the planning of the attacks.

Those responsive attacks may have killed as many as 11, including, according to the Palestinians, numerous children. Warning:  Some of the images below may be disturbing to some.


Some question how the conflict continues to spill over to violence but with calls like the one below, there really isn’t any question as to why this occurs.

As this conflict continues to escalate, check back to RedState for updates and additional information.


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