The Houston Astros Complain to MLB for Fans Accurately Describing Their Team

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As a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan, there’s no team I hate more in Major League Baseball than the Houston Astros. After it was revealed that the Astros had cheated during their 2017 World Series run, many fans of the game expected swift and thorough punishment from MLB officials. Extreme disappointment set in when MLB did little to nothing to punish the team and the players who engaged in the sign-stealing scheme. The Astros’ manager and general manager were both suspended for a year, the team was fined 5 million dollars, and they lost two draft picks in the following two years of drafts.


In response, the Astros fired their manager and general manager but punished no players on their team who participated in the scandal. Teams with actual integrity, who had picked up implicated coaches from the Astros after the 2017 season, dismissed those pick-ups. The Red Sox released Alex Cora and the Mets released Carlos Beltran.

(Oh yeah, they did one of those fake apology things too, and, as my podcast partner and fellow Dodgers superfan Jennifer Van Laar wrote in February 2020, they can “shove their sorries in a sack.”)

Regardless of team, fans of the sport have taken justice into their own hands by relentlessly mocking the Astros in the seasons since the cheating scandal was uncovered.


New York Yankees Fans have been particularly relentless in their attacks on the 2017 Champs*.

*Not Really Champs

After the Astros’ treatment at Yankee Stadium, it is now reported that the Houston Astros have gone and complained to MLB suggesting that the accurate mocking was somehow distracting from the game.

From Fox News:

The Houston Astros received a New York welcome from Yankee fans this week in their first meeting since the Astros’ sign-stealing scam was exposed – but according to a report, Houston allegedly complained to the league about taunting this season, which resulted in security curbing some hecklers.

In the first of a three-game series on Tuesday, Yankee fan David Taub went viral for wearing an Oscar the Grouch costume – a nod to the Astros’ use of garbage cans for signaling to batters.

Taub told Sports Illustrated that he previously received confirmation before the game that  he could wear the costume but when he showed up on Tuesday he was not allowed in as security informed him: “Our policy changed.”


Numerous fans throughout the stadium reported that MLB had asked Yankee Stadium officials to reduce the onslaught of heckling, by preventing certain costumes and items from the stadium.

If this report is accurate, the Astros, on top of being cheaters, are thin-skinned as well.  I hope that fans in other stadiums pick up the torch and give the Astros exactly what they are deserving.


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