New Project Veritas Video Shows Horrible Conditions Immigrants Kept in, Crying White-Clad AOC Nowhere to Be Found

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

We all remember it:  AOC in the bright white suit, crying at the gate of the facility which housed migrants who had come across the border. Democrats critical of the Trump Administration’s treatment of migrants were not in short supply, jumping on pictures and video that often were taken during the Obama Administration.  Trending hashtags across Twitter like #kidsincages, had the left collectively melting down, accusing Trump of ridiculous things like genocide and prison or concentration camps.

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration, the surge of migrants, including unaccompanied minors, has reached record levels, with thousands of apprehensions occurring every day, and facilities already filled to the max.  Those Democrats who seemed to have a huge problem with the Trump Administration’s treatment of the migrants seem content that Bumbling Joe is in charge now, and gone are the hashtags of #kidsincages or the convenient photo opportunities outside of the facilities.  In fact, the press still hasn’t gained access to many of these facilities.

Yesterday, Project Veritas released a new video showing migrants being kept in small plastic fencing corrals under a bridge near the border.  The migrants are seen wrapped in space blankets in the dirt.  They range in age from a few years old to adults.

Where is the mainstream media?  It isn’t like this facility is hidden somewhere in trees or has a big wall around it.  They could walk right up with a camera and start asking questions.  The issue is that the majority of Democrats don’t care because previous criticisms were all a ruse to get rid of Trump.  Thus far, it appears that the Trump administration’s effort far surpassed the capabilities of the Democrats and the Biden Administration.

Also missing from the discussions of the conditions within these facilities is the talk of the social distancing requirements that many states are still enforcing.  It appears that the Biden Administration is completely unconcerned with the potential of the COVID-19 virus being spread amongst migrants.