Bill Burr's Wife Responds Exactly How You'd Expect Someone Married to Bill Burr to Respond

Bill Burr's Wife Responds Exactly How You'd Expect Someone Married to Bill Burr to Respond
Blair Raughley via AP

If you missed the story, as covered by the lovely Jennifer O’Connell, Bill Burr set some heads on fire last night as he presented at the Grammy awards.  Burr, who has not been a favorite of the left for quite a while as his cantankerous style of comedy is abrasive to the joy-killing type, seemed very uncomfortable presenting the awards for Latin Music and Classical albums.  It wasn’t that Burr didn’t handle it well; it is that someone, who likely should be fired ASAP, thought it was a good idea to put him in to present those awards.  Burr’s presentation went exactly how you’d expect it to, full of sarcastic wit and quick words of criticism.  If anything, they attempted to set him up for failure so his career’s carcass could be the next picked through by the cancel-culture vultures.

Twitter quickly launched into a meltdown, calling Burr a racist and garbage person because of his jokes he made while presenting these awards.  Again, if anyone thought that the awards that Burr was assigned to present were a good idea, that’s their mistake.  Of course, as people made these accusations of racism, Burr’s fans were quick to point out that Burr is married to a beautiful and talented black woman by the name of Nia Renee Hill.

Of course, the left wouldn’t stop there and began to question the nature of Burr’s relationship with his wife.

Good lord.  Imagine the stones it takes to be as entitled of a man to question the nature of the relationship of another man’s marriage.  Burr has often spoken extremely fondly of his wife, and for good reason — she’s gorgeous and talented. But instead of Burr coming out and proclaiming his disgust with the dumbest and most racist tweet in awhile, Burr’s wife decided to handle the issue on her own:

There really isn’t anything left to say.  You’ve got to love when people get exactly what they deserve from the people they are supposedly attempting to “protect.”  It is also insanely offensive that she would allow herself to be taken advantage of in such a manner.  What is even crazier is that the guy still has the tweet up!

You’ve got to give Bill and Nia credit.  They don’t seem to care what others think of them, which is refreshing in today’s society.

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