'Bill Burr's Black Wife Is a Sex Slave,' and Other Racist B.S. That Flies on Twitter

I did not watch the Grammys last night. I am now at an age where I have no clue who half these acts are, and I’m allergic to music that doesn’t have a rhythm track or lyrics I can understand. It’s happened; I am at the “Get off my lawn!” stage of music appreciation.


Apparently, the woke, young, GenZers want Comedian Bill Burr to get off their lawn after his Grammy presenter appearance, as RedState’s Thomas LaDuke wrote. Burr and, sadly, his wife are feeling the heat.

Just in case you were under a rock and didn’t notice, Bill Burr is white. Very. White. His standup routine incorporates the fact that he is… white. Clutch the pearls!

Bill Burr has thrice offended. First, the Grammys had the temerity to allow him to present awards, and he had the gall to accept the invitation. Second, he’s insulting people. What?! A comedian has the nerve to insult people?! I guess that cancels the entire profession then, including some of their non-funny favorites like this year’s host, the affirmative action comedian Trevor Noah.


Third, Bill Burr is triggering. Well, that settles it! Thou. Shalt. Not. Trigger. Woke 1:10.

I am starting to believe that a broken toenail would trigger this bunch. It really doesn’t take much.

One person responded to all this bile by tweeting a picture of Bill Burr with his wife Nia, a stunning Black woman who looks quite happy to be in her husband’s company.

Not only did Clayburn Griffin contribute to the pile-on of “Bill Burr is a racist”, but he added, “Hold my beer.”

This glittering jewel of colossal ignorance was rightly ratioed by people equally amazed at not only his clear racism and sexism, but his tone-deafness.


Being a sistah who is married to a vanilla mister, and definitely not a sex slave, I took particular umbrage and added my two cents. Maybe Griffin is only talking about his own life (projection, much?), but some of us can make choices about who we choose to be with, whether they are white, black, or magenta.

Another commenter pointed out that had it been a different set of interracial, this guy would be banned from Twitter for life.

And then, there were others who simply helped Griffin dig a deeper hole; although one big enough to represent the vacuity of their intelligence would be near impossible.

Love is love for gays, transgender, the Left. But if it’s a white man who says things that do not fit the Woke script, and he is married to a Black woman, then he’s a racist who owns a sex slave.


Got it.

It’s almost as though Nia HIll’s Black Life does not matter, because she married the wrong person. So it’s okay to assume she has no agency, insult her intelligence and the beauty of her family, and pontificate as though you’re an expert in the matter. An education system that actually taught about the true Civil Rights movement and Virginia v. Loving might help all of these people.

Then again…

Here’s some revelation about that blue checkmark. Apparently, Clayburn Griffin ran for office in 2018 as a Republican in New Mexico for the House of Representatives. My colleague Shipwreckedcrew surmised that he was taking a stab at being sarcastic. I have my doubts.

Even if he was, with the constant drumbeat of Republicans being sexist and bigoted, Griffin aligning with being a Republican makes this an even worse look than just being a poorly educated, Woke Zoomer. There is humor, there is sarcasm, and then there’s just extremely poor taste. Whatever Griffin intended, he needs to learn the fine lines resident in all three, and leave the comedy to someone who knows what he’s doing.


In case you want to know what got the genteel set all triggered:


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