So Long First Amendment: Man Who Mocked Food Bank Participants Arrested

For the last two-hundred plus years, the freedom of speech included mean things.  As I have covered previously, in the United States of America, you have the right to be an a-hole.  Not any longer apparently as a man in Arizona was arrested for, what can be summed up as saying mean things.


Back on February 18th, a Maricopa County Church was holding a food drive/bank for families in need of food during the ongoing COVID pandemic.  During that event, a man now identified as 46 year old Ryan Bryson drove by in a white work truck, allegedly shouting obscenities and telling the participants to “get a job.” Later, contacted Bryson to get a statement to which he stated that he stands by what he said.  “Those people need to go to work.  They should be ashamed of themselves.”

To be clear, what Bryson is accused of doing puts him in the category of a first-class a-hole, however, last I checked, Bryson had the right to do so under the protection of the first amendment.  As for me, I would prefer for charitable actions to be done through NGOs and Non-Profits, so I commend the church for putting on the event to provide for local community members who may be struggling during this time.

Now comes news that Bryson has been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct following his run-in at the food bank.  According to, Deputies “received numerous complaints about Bryson’s behavior, describing it as disruptive to the establishment and food distribution process.”  Again, what Bryson did was extraordinarily inappropriate and makes him a giant jerk, however, I don’t believe I have seen nor heard of any accusation that rises to the level of deserving of arrest.


Absolutely ridiculous on all fronts. As much as Bryson needs to learn to not be such a jerk, people need to learn that there are jerks everywhere and learn to deal with it.  Heck, how is CNN still on the air?



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