Ilhan Omar Tries to Dunk on Ted Cruz, Forgets That She's Lied About This Before

Ilhan Omar Tries to Dunk on Ted Cruz, Forgets That She's Lied About This Before
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Most of the time, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is her own worst enemy.  Whether it is paying her husband over a million dollars out of her campaign account (The same firm that later got 635K in COVID-19 Bailout)  ((and then later being trolled by House Republicans and the OMAR Act)), orchestrating a cash-for-ballots scheme exposed by Project Veritas, or any of the other completely unsavory things she has done during her short time in Congress, Omar seems to think that she can just say something, and the press has to accept it.

Yesterday, Omar thought she should jump on the dogpile on Ted Cruz after the Senator traveled to Cancun during the current weather crisis facing Texas.  Somehow, most people on the left felt like Cruz could have done more, despite being a federal elected official with less-than-zero control over the weather or the power grid. (See This from Brandon Morse.)  Omar reached back into her bag of BS-isms to find something she could use to dunk on Cruz, as she and the bartender from New York continue their unfruitful efforts of defeating Cruz in Texas.  Out of that bag came this tweet, where Omar references a time where she allegedly did some good work for the people of Minnesota:

Except, there’s one problem.  She didn’t.  Back last year, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, there was indeed a food drive being conducted by  Greater Minneapolis Community Connections (GMCC) / Minnesota FoodShare (MFS), two organizations that appear to be the one-and-the-same.  GMCC claims MFS as one of the programs that they run, to help the most vulnerable residents of Minneapolis and Minnesota in general.  Back when Omar claimed she was raising money for this organization, she got called out for her BS, when the Executive Director, a woman by the name of Adrienne Dorn, said that Omar’s fundraising efforts had nothing to do with her organization.  (Originally covered by Nick Arama.)  Omar subsequently deleted the tweet soliciting funds for the organization.  In speaking with GMCC this morning, RedState was told “no comment” in response to our question regarding the “20 tons” figure for which Omar claims responsibility. In pushing for a response, the representative from GMCC stated that “anyone can raise money for the organization” and that she could not confirm any efforts made by Omar during that annual fundraising and food drive.  While this doesn’t mean that Omar didn’t have any role in those efforts, most organizations are not quiet about significant help offered or provided by donors especially when those people have no problem taking credit for that work.

As Omar continues to pump 7-figures through her husband’s consulting firm, which is receiving six-figure sums of support for the government during COVID-19, she claims to be raising money for an organization that has denied she is raising money for them.  What is interesting is that Omar, who could have posted a link to GMCC / MFS, instead chose to pump her fundraising through ActBlue, the progressive fundraising mechanism used to fund the campaigns of nearly all Democrats for all offices across the country.   What Omar doesn’t seem to mention is that ActBlue doesn’t just take the money in and pump it back out.  First, as Omar is the one that is raising these funds, neither she nor ActBlue is obligated to give a single cent of this money to any of the organizations they claim to support.  Secondly, it puts Omar in control of the disbursement of these funds, which likely have “administrative” costs associated with the intake and disbursement of those funds. Oh, and guess who Ilhan Omar’s fundraising consultant is?  Her husband Tim Mynett.

This brings us back to Omar’s tweets yesterday claiming she is raising funds for three Texas area non-profits.

First, RedState has made calls to all three of the organizations that Omar has claimed to be working with to clarify any role she may have taken in raising funds for the organization.  Those calls went unanswered and unreturned as of the publishing of this article.  Furthermore, it seems that Omar is up to her old tricks, funneling these funds through ABCharities, a division of ActBlue which claims a non-profit status.  However, ABCharities’ own website says they charge a 3.95% collection fee on each donation, as well as that they maintain control over whether or not these funds are spent under the same understanding which they were raised.  Each of these campaign donations will likely go on to fatten the wallets of the Democrat machine that raised them, sending just a fraction of the funds raised to help those they are claiming to help.  Remember, Omar is not contractually obligated to provide a single cent of the funds raised to any charity for which those funds were raised.

Omar’s game has always been about enriching those around her, including her husband.  Stay tuned as we continue to look into this issue.  More reporting is on the way.

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