AOC FOIA Update: What the Impeachment Trial Tells Us

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Over the last several days, the country has been watching terrifying videos of Congresspersons and Senators being hustled off by Capitol Police as they fled the violent protestors that flooded the Capitol. Strategically, Democrats showed videos of Republicans hoping that they could continue this farce, which at his point, is less a trial in the Senate and more of the bastard child of political theatre and the court of public opinion.  What makes this especially funny is that the USCP, which presumably cannot give RedState the videos requested, can turn over these videos to Democrats when it means they get to dunk on Trump.


This gives us a new advantage:  We do know there is footage available and it can be released.  My letter to Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy likely will go without response but the fact remains, when the videos are needed for the business of Congress, they can be released, no problem.

This leads me to the following point:  What specifically is different about the allegations against AOC as compared to those against Trump?  If the Democrats’ claims against Trump are accurate, that he spun his supporters into a rage over imagined slights (that is that the election was stolen), what is the material difference between that and AOC stating she was threatened by the attack in the Capitol Office Buildings?  Thus far, numerous witnesses, including other Congresspeople, have stated there was never any danger from rioters in those buildings, thus invalidating AOC’s claims, however, that hasn’t stopped AOC from perpetuating the lie that she cowered in a corner while Trump supporters beat down the door to try to get to her.  In fact, with Time’s admission of a narrative-driven coup, there’s more evidence of election fraud than there is of any threat to AOC’s life.  She instead tried to #metoo her way into the story, because she simply can’t stand the attention being on anyone else.  Her delusion into believing she was truly in danger has so poisoned her mind, that she has imagined a secret cabal, headed by Mr. Zodiak himself, Ted Cruz, to send an army of bloodthirsty Trump supporters to go hunt her down.


Despite the claims of wild embellishment, AOC refused to apologize to Senator Cruz, doubling down on her claims that this was a concerted effort to get her.  These claims are easily proved.  AOC could just ask that Congress release the videos to the press.  Imagine the epic dunking she could do on conservatives if there was even just one rioter angrily banging on the locked office door to get to her.  Imagine the sympathy she could generate amongst the sycophant media and the book and movie deals she could rake in.  Imagine the anchor they could hang around Conservatives’ necks some 2022 and 2024.  Even worse, she could theoretically, damage the reputation of RedState by showing the numerous articles we have written calling her out, are false.

All that would be needed is the proof and we can see from the Impeachment Trial numerous angles of footage exist.  The conclusion any reasonable person could come to isn’t that AOC’s experience is genuine.  It is that it isn’t because of the absence of the release of the footage that it is.  Her perpetuation of this story is an effort to paint the situation as worse than it was.   Pretty soon, we will hear that she was under mortar fire as she took comfort, sandwiched in the arms of Jussie Smollett and Brian Williams, fearing the grumblings from the other side of the door, chanting “This is Trump Country.”


At this point, short of the immediate compliance with the request submitted by RedState, it can only be assumed that AOC’s claims are a complete and total fabrication.  It has been clear that there’s a great deal of footage from various angles from inside those buildings, and that it can be released as it is being used publicly in the Democrats’ kangaroo court.  The only reason why the Democrats would stand in the way of the release at this point is that it isn’t favorable to their golden child.


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