CA Lawmaker Tells Teachers To Stop Paying Union Dues

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One of Newsom’s greatest adversaries, Calfornia Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, has taken it to the Governor whenever he has had the chance.  Kiley has been the face of fighting against Newsom’s COVID-19 orders, even going as far as to file lawsuits on behalf of California citizens to protect their rights, including their freedom of religion.


Now, as the recall effort against Newsom gains steam, Kiley has issued a recommendation to California Teachers:  Opt-out of paying union dues.

From Fox News:

Kiley told Fox News he felt compelled to help teachers who are frustrated by Newsom’s closure of schools in response to the pandemic. He said he’s spoken to many teachers who want to be back in their classrooms but “are being barred from doing so by their union or by the governor himself.”

“I was simply pointing out that you as a teacher, have a very powerful tool available to you, and that is to deprive the massive unions that control the governor of their source of power, which is their funding,” Kiley said. “That’s an option that is, at least in theory, available to every teacher, although California’s politicians have tried to make that very difficult.”

Kiley said this was especially important for teachers to know, given that there is a recall of Newsom on the horizon and the California Teachers Association (CTA) – one of the most powerful teachers unions in the country – “will spend millions to defend them like they spent millions to elect him.”

“And so if you’re a public school teacher who’s very frustrated that the governor and the CTA have kept you from being in your classroom and have kept your kids from learning, the last thing you want is for part of your paycheck to subsidize the governor and the CTA in keeping this corrupt power structure in place,” Kiley said.

The California Teachers’ Union has been infamous in their complete and total support of the State’s elected Democrats, despite their continued failure to fully fund schools and the continued failure of California schools to properly educate students.  Too often, despite the likelihood that a significant amount of teachers lean in a direction other than tyrannical socialism, those teachers have their union dues used to political support people with whom they disagree.


Assemblymember Kiley has now suggested that these teachers opt-out of paying their dues, which would go to help defend Newsom against an incoming recall effort.

Kiley’s suggestion is a bold one, and likely will be fought back against by unions who will likely threaten non-dues paying teachers with a lack of collective-bargaining support if they should stop paying their dues.  Typical, because you’d definitely expect the left the threaten people who disagree with them.


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