"Georgia Republican Voter" Lists Laughable Reasons For Voting Democrat

Credit Perdue for Senate

Among the funny things I like to see is when the media seeks out supposed Republican voters, who allegedly are voting for the Democrat.

Today in Georgia, where the Special Election Runoff between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff, and Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, each respectively battling for each seat, there have been many predictions as to the outcome. Perdue was just short of an outright win in the November General Election, which would have required a 50%+1 victory.   Loeffler, who was locked in a three-way race in November, was already predicted to head to today’s runoff, as she and Doug Collins split the vote against Raphael Warnock.


This morning The Hill posted up outside a polling place in Georgia to find the unicorn:  A supposed “Republican” who will tell everyone why they should vote Democrat.

“I have been a lifelong Republican. This is the first time I’ve ever voted for a Democratic candidate just because there are issues regarding our environment, regarding taxation, regarding diversity issues and so forth that I think need to be addressed.”

I am going to do my favorite thing and call BS.  First, if you’ve never voted for a Democrat before, why are you so excited for cooperation with a “President Biden?”  Secondly, what about the Democrat’s “taxation” policy would ever be favorable to a lifetime Republican.  Either this guy was put up to this or he knew he was BSing the reporter.  There is very little likelihood that any Trump-voting, lifetime Republican is, first of all, voting Democrat in this election and second, using those issues as their top issues for voting so.  Absolutely laughable.


I will take, “People who don’t exist” for 500, Alex.


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