It's Hilaria-ous! Alec Baldwin's Spanish Wife is White Bread, White Girl

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After taking a page from the Rachel Dolezal Book of Racial Appropriation and having attended the Shaun King School for Being Something You’re Not, It appears that Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin, has been pretending to be Spanish when instead, she’s the whitest of white girls from Boston.


Originally, Hilaria has told people she was born in Mallorca, Spain, and came to the US to go to school.  As it turns out, her name is Hillary Hayward-Thomas, she was born in Boston and didn’t move to Spain until 2011 when a portion of her family moved there.  According to Baldwin, her parents and a sibling still live in Spain which is what currently gives her the connection to Spain.

Internet Sleuths dug through her family history to find that she does not only have any Spanish heritage many media appearances show Baldwin slipping in and out of a thick Spanish accent, and even losing the accent altogether.


Hilaria addressed the issue on Instagram, with a video that she seemed to have been put up to by Alec, as he is heard several times in the background leading her in her comments.

It seems that cultural appropriation is allowable on the left as long as you have a good story to go with it.  Hilaria has previously had her background called out by those with whom she went to school, exposing her fraud early on.  Her “ability” to swing in and out of an accent has also been pointed out numerous times in the past.  Hilaria also had defense from an interesting source:  Her step-daughter Ireland.  Ireland, the product of Alec Baldwin’s relationship with Kim Basinger, has had a tumultuous relationship with her father, which led to scandal 13 years ago when angry voicemails left by Alec for Ireland, in which he called her names and said she was ungrateful. Ireland’s defense had something to do with people “feeling comfortable with who they are,” an irony not lost on those of us who realize Hilaria is attempting to be something she is not.


She did say her favorite move of Alec’s is “La Caza Del Submarino Ruso.”


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