Joe Biden Forgets He Broke His Foot, How Masks Work

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.  In fact, the highlight reels of his speeches and his interactions with the public are often full of missteps and blunders.  I still laugh at the fact that Joe Biden is the best the Democrat party had to offer.


After the ever-changing story about how good ol’ Joe broke his foot finally settled on his naked, post-shower, tail pulling ambush of his poor dog, Joe was seen sporting a walking boot for his foot.

Earlier today, Slow Joe was seen talking to the press between events.  Curiously absent, was Slow Joe’s walking boot. For a nearly-80-year-old who broke a bone, the man seems to have very little problem navigating around without the walking cast that is supposed to remove pressure from the healing bones.  Biden broke his foot just 8 days ago, not nearly enough time for the injury to heal.

Biden was asked a question about when he might announce certain appointments to his potential cabinet. Biden, walking toward the group of journalists who are shouting questions, pulled down his mask to shout back his answers to them.  Of course, we can’t sing or shout with our church groups, but Biden can remove his mask and shout his responses to the press.  If Biden was infected and contagious, he would have been spraying all of his viral wealth all over his staff members and Secret Service detail.


I doubt that Biden’s broken bone has healed in just 8 days and I doubt Dr. Fauci would approve of Biden’s maskless shouting, but hey, at least the old fart is consistent.


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