No, I Will Not Be Lectured

There are very few people who get to lecture me about things.  My mother, for instance, is allowed to lecture me about literally anything.  My kids, get to lecture me about the colorful language I have been known to exhibit.  Of the people who aren’t allowed to lecture me are raging hypocrites, who have been saying for years one thing, but another when it serves them.  Democrats lecturing Republicans about election results is a prime example.  As we know so far, there are many reasons why we shouldn’t trust the results, as written so perfectly by SisterToldjah, here.


Republicans have endured fake outrage cycles for years from the Democrats.  We were assured the only way that Trump won, was by cheating.  We were told that Trump colluded with the Russians and that Mueller was going to be arresting Trump.  We were told that Trump had offered quid pro quo with Ukraine, despite no evidence of such, and a straight party-line vote (yes, I am looking at you Mitt Romney) confirmed this to be as political as it gets.  Scandal after scandal has been raised when it politically serves the left and then dismissed when it no longer does.  From Kavanaugh to ACB, we’ve been told that nothing about this President, his actions, or literally anything else he does is legitimate, despite being elected through the process outlined in the US Consitution.  Democrats and the media have lied, cheated, and mischaracterized the President’s record from day one, and now, we are supposed to trust a process, in places they are exclusively in charge.  We are genuinely supposed to believe that while they have been abusing the process at every turn for four years, they will suddenly do what is right by Trump in counting ballots?  Hard Pass.


For four years we have heard nothing but garbage from the left, discounting everything we hold dear about our Republic.  Now they want to lecture us about accepting the outcome of an election?  No thanks.  What about anything the left has exhibited for the last four years has given any suggestion that they have accepted the results of the 2016 election?  They made numerous unfounded accusations that were later proven to be complete lies and now they want us to trust leaders in Pennsylvania, who have been treating Trump as an enemy, to properly execute their jobs?  At this point, can anyone truly say they believe that Democrats would be more focused on the legitimate counting of ballots and the tabulating of the vote than they would on putting the thumb-screws to Trump?  They have sacrificed their entire agenda to defeating him and you don’t think for one second they would offer election integrity at the dark altar if it meant defeating Trump?

Name a Democrat that ever gave President Trump the benefit of the doubt.  Name a Democrat that ever acted in good faith.  Name a Democrat that ever suggested giving him a chance.

It never happened.


And now they want our good faith? Nooooope.

Sorry, I won’t sit back and be lectured by the left about unity and integrity and trusting the process.  You’ve abused the process for 4 years.  You’ve divided us, demanded we swear allegiance to your creed or that we too were enemies to the Republic.  Enough.  I won’t be lectured by you, or anyone else, who has spent the last four years ignoring the sacred traditions of our nation, especially while votes are still being counted, about accepting the outcome of the election.


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