Let's Not Pretend Like Biden and Trump Faced the Same Scrutiny Last Night

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As the lights dimmed on the separate stages for the town halls we saw yesterday evening, the left went into overdrive on the networks and on Twitter to explain their preferred candidate’s strengths.  In some twisted and wildly dishonest way, they want to pretend like President Trump and Vice President Biden faced the same difficult questions this evening.  The unapologetic media have assumed their interlocked-arms circle-jerk, in attempting to show that their boy, Bumbling Biden, was somehow the victor of the dueling town halls.

I re-watched both broadcasts and noted just how different the two town halls were.  For instance, in the opening moments of Trump’s town hall, NBC attack-dog Savannah Guthrie went after Trump no fewer than three times about Trump’s testing in the days leading up to the debate.  Despite Trump telling her that he couldn’t remember specifically when he took the test before the last debate, Guthrie continued to ask when he had been tested before the debate.  She pushed on whether or not Trump had any symptoms currently, despite White House Doctors saying for days that the President isn’t contagious, and now has tested negative twice for the virus.

Trump was pressured on masks, quoting Chris Christie’s comment that he should have been wearing a mask. Trump quoted the CDC report that showed that of 314 recent infections in symptomatic adults ≥18 years who were outpatients in 11 academic health care facilities, 70%+ wore a mask all of the time, with only 3% not wearing a mask at all, further highlighting the debate on the effectiveness of masks in the first place.  It was then that Guthrie lost me altogether, saying that wasn’t what the study said.  The fact is, it is what they study said, and for Guthrie to say that is a flat out lie.

Guthrie pushed Trump on QAnon, which Trump, frankly should have shed a long time ago, but of course, Trump wouldn’t accept her unilateral defining and told her essentially, that just because she said something didn’t make it true.  If anyone has been paying attention to the media for the last several years, Trump’s right.

Guthrie attempted to drill Trump on his denouncing of white supremacists.  Trump denounced white supremacists on literally dozens of different occasions including at the debate that Guthrie referenced, and emphatically denounced white supremacists to Guthrie, yet she continued to try to push the tripe that Trump either hadn’t denounced white supremacy or that he had actually encouraged white supremacists.

Some of the questions were so obviously planted that the people to whom the questions were attributed, could hardly read their “own questions.”  They were all framed in a way to make Trump sound like some horrible moron, attacking his response on Coronavirus in particular as weak and destructive.

Over on ABC, Basement Biden was softballed questions all night.  Stephanopoulos read into Biden’s narrative, suggesting he was stronger on the coronavirus, hinting at a January 2020 op-ed in which Biden attempted to compare Obama’s 2014 Ebola Response to Trump’s 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, which wasn’t declared a pandemic by the WHO until March.  Completely glossed over as a side-note was Biden’s lack of any actionable suggestions on how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak until it had swept through large parts of the country.  Glossed over was the fact that Biden called Trump’s travel closures to China and Europe, xenophobic.

ABC didn’t challenge Biden on any of his previously racist statements, like “put y’all back in chains,” or “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle.”  Biden was gently tossed some questions by a democrat staffer and Black Ken Bone, to which Biden struggled to respond.  Ignored were his previous comments on race, but rather focused on anecdotal stories about Biden’s dad and comments he made.  I am sure that Biden’s dad saying everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect would have been cool with Biden’s opposition to desegregation and his authoring of the 1994 crime bill.

Which also got skipped over.   Biden, when questioned about the 1994 Crime Bill, stated he shouldn’t have supported it.  Of course, we could never have expected Stephanopoulos to challenge Biden, as he was an advisor to then-President Clinton who signed the bill into law while sitting next to the bill’s author, the esteemed Senator-at-the-time, Joe Biden.

While Trump was forced to swat at conspiracies, Biden wasn’t questioned a single time about the pending investigation into accusations about his son’s questionable business dealings, likely brokered by the Former VP, especially in light of recent accusations that Biden himself was getting a cut.  Not a single question about his role in the illegal spying that occurred into Trump’s 2016 campaign.

When attempting to compare these two town halls, Biden’s was a 90-minute campaign commercial with Stephanopoulos running defense in the front while Trump’s town hall was an ambush orchestrated by NBC and Savannah Guthrie.  When Trump was facing tough questions, Biden was being kid-gloved.  When Trump was being forced to answer questions, Biden was being corralled into positive answers by a former Clinton Staffer.  While Trump had to answer every single question about every single conspiracy that is floating out there, Biden wasn’t pushed on a single, factual statement contained in the New York Post articles.

These weren’t dueling townhalls.  This was a coordinated effort by the media to “contrast” candidates.  Of course, it wasn’t fair from the onset, yet instead of throwing a lid on it and hiding in a basement, Trump faced it and fought back.   Biden, on the other hand, wasn’t challenged in any way. For the media to compare the two is laughable.  When liberals are more concerned with who the lady was sitting behind Trump, and less concerned about ABC having Democrat staffers ask questions, you know they don’t care about a fair and balanced look at candidates and facts.  They are pushing a narrative.  I hope that average Americans see through this, and don’t let them.

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