The Documented Detailed Depravity of the Russia-Gate Hoax

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In July of 2016, the average American was not aware of the storm that was brewing.  That storm would soon dominate the news cycle and fuel a false narrative from the left until today.  The media and Democrats in Congress beat this drum until the results of the Mueller Investigation, which exonerated Trump from any wrongdoing.  Dems would like to say that the Mueller investigation didn’t say that Trump didn’t do it, just that they didn’t have evidence that he did.  Well, hate to break it to you guys, but that is basically the same thing.  The fact that evidence wasn’t uncovered to disprove the accusation is literally the same as evidence not being found that proves it.  Our judicial system isn’t founded on your ability to prove you didn’t do something.  It lies in the ability to prove that you did.


Now, as a reverse investigation begins into how the intelligence community and Department of Justice were weaponized against a political opponent, the slow-drip of incriminating evidence that this was a targeted, illegal act, has turned into a broken pipe and panic from the left.

If you were the subject of an investigation and found that two of the investigators conducting the said investigation were starcrossed lovers having an extramarital affair and texting that they were trying to “get” you, you’d be pretty upset.  If you found that a good friend of yours, simply for defending you, had their interview with investigators altered to justify illegal warrants into you and your interests, you’d be increasingly angry.  If you found that warrants obtained from their lies about your first friend led to increasingly illegal warrants into another of your associates, you’d be furious. If you found out that the same people authorizing these warrants were supporting your opposition, you’d want to destroy them. Furthermore, if you found that these same people went to great lengths to classify and hide evidence of their illegal actions, you’d be violently indignant.

Yet the above situation is exactly what happened to President Trump.  Democrats including both those within the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama-Biden administration engaged in one of the most brazen and illegal investigations to ever happen in the history of our country.  What was perpetrated at the hands of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey, Susan Rice and dozens of other people amounts to 100 Watergates.  The fact that Bob Woodward finds that his efforts are best spent talking to people who might have heard something Trump said, versus the single-greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, is a shocking indictment of his bias and stupidity.


You know that if an investigation of Trump had warranted incriminating evidence, not only would that evidence have been leaked to the press, but likely against the classification of the evidence.  Yet here we are dealing with the fact that notes, showing that Obama et al was aware of the source of the illegal investigation, yet authorized the launch and continuation of it.  The source of the intel?  A former Russian spy who had been deemed a national security threat in the years previous.  Who paid for it?  Hillary Clinton.  The stated goal in intelligence reports?  To distract from her illegal use and destruction of her email server.  Yet the Obama administration moved forward.

People like to talk about Trump’s lack of control, yet ignore the fact that the man has been under constant attack for the last several years.  Trump has had one of the calmest and collected responses to this witch-hunt that he could have had.  He could have simply released the entirety of the investigation.  He could have put out names, addresses, and shown the depravity of the people who targeted him. It would have been what I would have done. But Trump’s response was measured.  Wait for the opportunity to release it, when the release would be more than justified and isn’t viewed as some counter-attack.  Trump didn’t want to see it die for lack of credibility and, I am convinced, waited until he knew more, especially in light of the latest news.


Last night, as I began writing this piece, in a much different direction, Trump declassified and unmasked every bit of evidence and intelligence concerning the Russia-did-it hoax.  His move wasn’t immediate, as it would have been in my case.  I would have declassified this all YEARS ago.  I would have turned the entirety of the DOJ’s focus on destroying the people who abused their government power to come after me.

But let’s examine for a second the brazen acts of the previous administration.

Why would anyone write down outright illegal activities knowing that those records were public and would eventually be susceptible to records requests and subpoena?

The answer is plain:

They never thought anyone would ever find out.  They thought no one would ever even know to look for evidence or memos related to this.  They thought that they were going to be successful in derailing Trump’s White House aspirations.  They lied to Congress, they lied to the American people, and worse yet, they did so unapologetically even after being caught.  The entirety of the Obama Administration’s DOJ and IC apparatus is facing potential criminal charges.  Why would they risk all that?

Simply put… They thought they were going to win.

Trump’s victory sealed their fate.  Instead of a collective we-did-it high five, they are all playing cleanup for their efforts.  Just yesterday, John Brennan was out mansplaining his notes, attempting to deflect from the actualities that were contained within.


They knew they were caught and the totality of their efforts since then have been in covering it up, explaining away, and attempting to deflect away from their completely illegal work.  It should literally terrify the American people that had Hillary Clinton been elected, we would have never known just how horrible this plan was.  We would have never known the players involved, the depth of their involvement, and the magnitude of their actions.  Trump being elected literally allowed for the exposing of corruption of insane proportions.

Let’s hope they all end up paying the fullest of prices for it.


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