BREAKING: Ron Paul Suffers Medical Emergency Live On-Air

Robert F. Bukaty
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Former Texas Congressman and Libertarian hero Ron Paul suffered a cerebrovascular accident this morning live on air.  Paul was on a live-feed this morning while, mid-sentence, the left side of his face began to exhibit signs of paralysis and he began to slur his speech.  The video suddenly cuts from Paul to the interviewer, who seems quite confused and concerned about what he is seeing. Ron Paul is now trending on Twitter as people have begun to react:


It has since been announced that Paul has been hospitalized as a precaution, which might suggest that Paul had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or a “mini-stroke” which will allow doctors the opportunity to further examine Paul for additional, more serious blockages.

Our Prayers are with Dr. Paul and his family during this time.

The video of the live stream is available below.

TRIGGER WARNING:  The video shows in graphic detail the effects of a stroke/TIA.  It could be disturbing to some. Please consider this in your decision whether or not to view the video.

Should you choose to watch the video, it is also a learning experience for those unaware of the symptoms of a stroke/TIA.  Many of us at RedState have had family members who have suffered from similar issues previously.  We had an internal discussion regarding whether or not we should even publish the video.  That discussion resulted in our decision to do so, both for the journalistic nature of the video as well as the public awareness it can raise.




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