The Democrats' True USPS Endgame

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Election workers begin to sort a new batch of ballots collected earlier in the day from drop boxes at the King County Elections office Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Renton, Wash. Voters in Washington all vote only by mail. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)


“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel

If anything, 2020 has proven to be the year of the unprecedented. We have been facing an unprecedented viral outbreak and pandemic, unprecedented protests, riots and racial unrest, unprecedented action by government officials, and other unprecedented crises. Now, as a result of a months-long push by the Democrats and the media, we are on the doorstep of one of the biggest voter fraud operations ever perpetrated on any country on this planet.

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, Democrats across the country called for ballots to be mailed to every voter in the country.  According to the NY Times, nine states were glad to meet this request (either through current policy or through executive orders), including California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Vermont, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and New Jersey, as well as the District of Columbia. Twenty-one percent of the United States’ registered voters (44 million people) will get a ballot whether they want one or not.

In 33 other states, 115 million voters will have the opportunity to request a mail ballot.  Again, due to the pandemic numerous counties and election officials are pushing people to cast ballots by mail; some counties pushing for all mail ballots.  Altogether, over three-quarters of the voters (150+ million voters) in the country will be eligible for or will be forced to vote by mail ballot.


Of the eight states remaining that require a reason for a mail ballot, three have Democrat governors who could presumably order mail ballots to all voters by executive order (it has been done by other governors) and have not.  They have also escaped criticism from within their party for not doing so.  The other five states with Republican governors have faced criticism for opposing a national forced mail vote, including Texas’ Greg Abbott.

Let us not forget that over the last four elections (both general and midterm) 28 million mail ballots went missing.  Some of those missing ballots were lost in the original delivery process to the voters and others on their return to election officials (meaning not all of the 28 million votes went uncast).  These issues that pre-date (they were from 2012 – 2018) any USPS drama that Democrats are accusing President Trump of engaging, were largely unheard of before the 2020 election despite being identified by numerous election integrity organizations in the US for years.

Furthermore, any House-passed bill for the USPS is headed for a likely demise in the US Senate. As a result of that frustrated path, the Democrats will sacrifice their pawn of the USPS funding and take their case to the American people and offer a solution.  This is where Democrats will employ their real, long-term strategy: Under the guise of infection mitigation, amid accusations of Trump cheating, and with the theoretical purpose of helping of voters, they will offer to provide a “replacement” for the USPS picking up and delivering ballots.

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FILE – In this Aug. 7, 2018 file photo, a hand of Jarogerick Johnson is viewed through the handle of a ballot tray as he removes ballots from Washington state’s primary election from a sorting machine at King County Election headquarters in Renton, Wash. Winners in close U.S. House races from the Nov. 6, 2018 election might not be known for days or weeks in Washington state and California. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)


That replacement would be ballot harvesters, likely union-paid, though they won’t use that term to sell the service.

One might ask: What is the problem with that?

Answer:  It exponentially increases the potential and possibility for voter fraud.  People who would have otherwise remained unengaged as a result of not receiving a ballot and not requesting one will have a ballot in their residence (or more than one depending on how many voters) that will be ready for harvesting by democrat organizations.  It isn’t that Democrats could offer to pick up ballots that is the problem; It is that Democrats could CHOOSE (through the application of publicly-available voter data) which ballots to pick up and which to leave for the voter to ensure timely delivery back to the registrar’s office.  Voters, unaware that a ballot is coming, are at a much higher risk of having their ballots unknowingly stolen (how do you know something is missing if you never knew it was coming?)  Moreover, voters, unaware of mail voting practices, may be more willing to unknowingly cooperate with fraudulent activities than had they voted in person.


The potentials are endless and could lead to empty ballots not being delivered, completed ballots not making it back to election officials for proper tabulation, and/or the potential for theft and destruction of opposition ballots. While it remains anecdotal evidence, I have been aware of both of the last-mentioned actions occurring during races on which I have previously worked.

It should be noted that these types of operations are not legal in many states.  In those states, the action of taking possession of someone else’s ballot for any reason is a crime.  It is this author’s opinion that those laws or the enforcement thereof will be suspended this election season due to the Coronavirus, either through official orders or through simply the lack of enforcement.  (There also may be a “wink and nod” situation in states where government officials allow for certain groups to harvest while enforcing the laws on others)

The implementation of harvesting operations like this will either lead to a questionable victory for the Democrats or a stunning loss which they will blame on alleged cheating by our current President.  Gone will be the discussions about the choice of their nominee.  Gone will be the blame on the pandemic or its effect on voter turn-out.  What will remain is either justification for a program, or the justification for further expansion of its use to make it more effective.


One thing is for sure:  Democrats will not like this crisis go to waste.  Rahm Emanuel will be proud.


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