DOJ Civil Rights Post Could Be Filled With Liberal-Narrative-Busting Heroine

Since the election, many accusations of hate-crimes and civil rights violations have been leveled against conservatives and the Trump-led government.  It has led to a narrative of hate, suggesting that the President’s administration will continue to lead to a greater number of hate crimes and civil rights violations.


Until now.

It was reported yesterday, that Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, a San Francisco Bay Area attorney, RNC committeewoman, and all-around badass, was under consideration to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Department of Justice.

San Francisco trial lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, one of her state’s representatives to the Republican National Committee, interviewed with Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

The Civil Rights Division, which is marking its 60th anniversary this year, enforces federal laws barring discrimination and investigates alleged violations of voting rights and civil rights.

Dhillon, has been a fixture in California Politics for over a decade, having chosen to buck the trend of liberal controlled San Francisco to run for a State Assembly seat.  While her performance in that race was par for the course for the People’s Republic of San Franpsycho, it highlighted her attitude toward the challenge of defeating rampant liberalism.

A few years later Dhillon was elected to the position of Vice Chair for the California Republican Party, and oversaw elections that have given us strong women in California’s State Legislature.


Don’t mistake this this soft-spoken, knitting, immigrant, Dartmouth grad as some pushover or prop.  Harmeet Dhillon has made a career of staring down adversity and rising to challenges. She has been a victim of a hate crime herself, when she and her then-husband, were attacked in 1995 in New York.

Some of you may remember Harmeet from a different role:  When she offered among the most beautiful and heartfelt Sikh prayers at the Republican National Convention.

Perhaps most importantly, and what I like most about Harmeet, is that she is a walking narrative-buster.  In a world where liberals claim tolerance but always find a loophole by which they can explain away someone’ right to be critical of something simply by a portion of their background, Harmeet comes as a breath of fresh air.  Not only is she WILDLY smart and talented, as an immigrant, woman, non-christian, previous victim of hate crime, ACLU-card-carrying success, she bucks the trend for liberal attacks.  She literally personifies what liberals seek to protect. She is what they would celebrate, if she didn’t have an R next to her name. Liberals might actually have to descend from their high-horses to debate Harmeet on issues. (ill-advised)


The DOJ would be lucky to have her and Sessions and Trump would be stupid to chose anyone else. Best of luck to her in hopefully being offered the position, good luck to liberals who want to oppose her, but most importantly (should she get the position) watch out bigots who think violating federal law in protecting civil rights.  You may soon have a nightmare coming for you.



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