Trump Tweets Trumpcare: We Have to Pass the First 'Phase' To Find Out What's In The Rest of Them

Hey, Um… guys?  Shouldn’t we NOT do what Nancy Pelosi did?

To show that absolute stupidity can go full circle in a quick hurry, President Donald Trump (Why does it always feel like I’m becoming dumber when I utter that title?) took to twitter this morning to defend his healthcare plan, because frankly, it isn’t what we were promised, probably will do more harm than good, and is just another government subsidy that other taxpayers are paying for other people.


Call me crazy, but shouldn’t we maybe nail down those other “phases” before we run off half-cocked? As one who is inherently distrusting of Government, what guarantees do we have that Phases 2 and 3 are coming down the pike?  Also, in this crazy scheme conservatives could hatch… Let’s call it Operation “Let’s Not Be Hypocrites”, maybe we could make a simpler shorter bill that people…. I dunno… could read and fully digest before any action was taken?  Just “because the democrats did it” isn’t a reason we should be doing it.  In fact, it should be the reason we literally do the opposite.

I can’t be the only person who imagines Trump in a Dr. Evil get up using air quotes when saying “Phases” right?


Just so we’re clear, we shouldn’t, in any way, do anything (Yes, literally anything) that the woman below does.  Using her actions as a way to justify your own is a bit self defeating.

If someone (ANYONE PLEASE!!) wants to come up with a better idea than this “phases” garbage, can we please stand up?


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