Our Veterans Deserve Better

Earlier today, Ronny Jackson withdrew his name from consideration to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Jackson was a United States Navy Rear admiral who has served at the White House for three administrations. He was selected as a White House doctor in 2006, directed the Executive Health Care for the President’s Cabinet and senior staff, was promoted to director of the White House Medical Unit in 2011, and was appointed physician to the president in 2013.


However, his nomination has come under intense scrutiny since it was announced. First, critics were concerned he lacked the necessary experience to lead a government agency of nearly 380,000 employees

Now in recent days, allegations have arisen that Jackson improperly distributed opioids, drank at work, and engaged in “unprofessional behaviors” that contributed to a “toxic” workplace.

The VA is responsible for providing services and aid to America’s veterans after they return home. It also happens to be one of the most scandal-plagued agencies, which leads to the utterly disgusting and appalling result of our country’s veterans being mistreated. We cannot afford to have such an important agency fall victim to inefficiency and incompetence.

Tim Miller, former communications director for Jeb Bush, explains:


It is a shame that so much time has been wasted on what appears to have been a dead-end nominee all along.

Let’s hope President Trump’s next pick to lead an agency as important as the VA is better. Our service men and women deserve the best, and they deserve it immediately.

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