BREAKING: Shooting at Video Game Tournament in Jacksonville

Multiple news reports have confirmed a shooting at the Jacksonville Landing in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The popular restaurant and bar district along the water was the location for a Madden video game tournament today when a shooter opened fire around 2:00 pm ET.


Reports so far include four victims dead and eleven more wounded. The Jacksonville Police Department has the area on lockdown and is imploring everyone to stay away for their own safety. Just minutes ago, they posted, “one suspect is dead at the scene, unknown at this team if we have a second suspect.”

Many people are still hiding in the buildings around the Landing. Jacksonville SWAT is conducting a methodical search and they are asking everyone to shelter in place and call 911 to alert authorities to their locations, and for all others to stay away from the area. The roads remain blocked off for several blocks.

I’ve been to the Landing multiple times myself. It’s where everyone gathers the night before the annual football game between my alma mater, the University of Florida, and the University of Georgia, and so many of us have happy memories there. On a Sunday afternoon, the area would have been filled with families, tourists, and local residents enjoying their weekend. This is heartbreaking news.

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