Some Jerks Robbed 112-Year-Old WWII Vet Richard Overton. Let's Help Him Out.

WWII veteran Richard Overton, via Facebook.
WWII veteran Richard Overton, via Facebook.

Richard Overton just turned 112 years old in May, making him America’s oldest living veteran and the oldest living man in the country, period. He’s a whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking national treasure who still lives in the same modest home he built in Austin, Texas after serving in the Army during World War II. Unfortunately, some morally depraved dirtbags decided to rob him, cleaning out his bank account.


According to CBS Austin, Overton’s family told reporters that the thieves got access to his Social Security Number and bank account information, which they used to purchase savings bonds, eventually nearly emptying out the account.

Spectrum News Austin spoke to Overton’s cousin Volma Overton, Jr., who said that on Wednesday he went to the bank to deposit a check for Overton, and then noticed the discrepancy when he checked the account balance and a significant amount of money was missing. The bonds were purchased from a company called Treasury Direct in four separate payments over the past few months.

I wrote about Overton on his birthday, as he was preparing to celebrate with a street party in his front yard. Overton is well-known in the community for loving to spend time on his front porch visiting with his relatives, neighbors, and anyone who wants to stop by and chat for awhile.

Despite his age, he’s mentally sharp with a wit that has delighted — and occasionally shocked — reporters looking for a local human interest story. He’s had a few bouts with pneumonia during recent years but has so far been able to knock it back and return home, to the street that the Austin City Council had renamed in his honor.

Richard Overton’s home, on Richard Overton Avenue in Austin, Texas. Photo by Sarah Rumpf.

He is at the point, however, where living alone is no longer a possibility, and requires 24-hour in home caretakers. A GoFundMe page was set up by his family to help cover these expenses. Fortunately, that GoFundMe account was not compromised by the bank account theft, but the theft was a significant loss of funds that he needs for living expenses.


When Overton was asked by comedian Steve Harvey what was the secret to his long life, he answered, “Just keep living, don’t die.” He’s also told many reporters over the years (including this one) that he credits “God, whiskey, and cigars.”

OK, RedStaters. Let’s help Richard Overton “Just Keep Living” in his home by supporting the GoFundMe here: Help Richard Overton.

Read my profile of Overton: Richard Overton, America’s Oldest Veteran, Is Cooler Than You.

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