Hammer Time: Author Brad Thor Vows 2020 Challenge to Trump

Author Brad Thor, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, took to Twitter today to issue a challenge for 2020, vowing that if no conservative candidate ran against Trump, he would “absolutely challenge” him for the Republican presidential nomination.


“America deserves better leadership,” Thor tweeted.


A few minutes later, Thor tweeted that he was indeed serious. “Let’s make it official. I’m in.”


Thor’s announcement was met with curiosity and support from a number of other conservatives on Twitter.


RedState reached out to Thor for comment. “America deserves good, solid, stable leadership,” said Thor. “America deserves to be able to tend to their farms, their businesses, and their families without wondering what their President will do next. America needs to know that while they are looking out for their own interests, someone is looking out for them.”


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