Rand Paul's Festivus List of Grievances Attacks Government Waste...and Ted Cruz?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it.

Earlier today, Paul tweeted his annual “List of Grievances” for Festivus, the humorous holiday that was the plot of a well-loved Seinfeld episode. Many of his tweets focused on wasteful government spending, a favorite topic for the Kentuckian, but a few targeted President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and even his fellow Senator, Ted Cruz (R-TX).


You can read the entire thread on Twitter starting here, or I’ve collected some highlights below.

Paul, a Presbyterian, made sure to clarify that he was not declaring war on Christmas, while emphasizing his support for the War Powers Act, which restricts the President from involving America in armed conflicts without the authorization of Congress or an emergency:

Paul then mocked the effusive praise Hillary Clinton got for her book, while taking a swipe at Trump’s opinion of his own book:


Another tweet highlighted Trump’s penchant for celebrating one particular Festivus tradition on a daily basis:

Many tweets focused on some of the many egregious examples of how our government wastes our money:


Perhaps the funniest grievances were a few quips at the expense of Cruz, referencing a recent Twitter squabble the Texas Senator had with Star Wars star Mark Hamill.


Cruz was a good sport about it, tweeting back at Paul:

Good work, Senators — helped shed some light on wasteful government spending and had a little fun too. Now, if you really can get Trump to stop tweeting, that would be a Festivus Miracle, indeed!

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