Kirsten Gillibrand Won't Shut Up About Being 'Silenced'

Poor oppressed Kirsten Gillibrand. President Donald Trump tweeted about her, and now she’s been silenced, never to be heard from again. Her noble voice, stolen by this evil agent of the patriarchy, never to speak another word…


Wait, what’s that now?

She’s tweeting to her nearly nine hundred thousand followers? And MSNBC is promoting a video of her speaking?

And oh, here she is on CNN yesterday, talking to a national television audience:

Huh. That doesn’t seem very silent to me.

But yet, here she is…tweeting, “We won’t be silenced.”

And again:

Let’s get real. Trump’s tweet attacking Gillibrand was pretty classless and mean, but was she really silenced?


She’s certainly been criticized, and has gotten a deluge of harassment and other nonsense from Trump’s online troll hordes. And no small part of the mocking is in response to other liberals stampeding past each other to show the most outrage, claiming Trump was “slut-shaming” her, as Streiff pointed out earlier.

So yes, she’s been harassed and mocked, but that’s not the same as being silenced.

Seriously, Gillibrand is a United States Senator with national name ID who’s never had a problem finding a television camera. She’s far from silenced. If anything, we’re hearing more from her this week than we normally do.

Furthermore, Trump posts mean tweets all the time. But somehow he’s just not effective at silencing his many critics and foes.

The New York Times has a running list of the “People, Places, and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter.” The most recent update was November 17, 2017, and scrolling through the list shows many media organizations — none of which have closed up shop and stopped commenting on his presidency — along with politicians, world leaders, and celebrities who he dismisses as “haters” and “losers” (not to mention “dumb,” “weak,” and “sad!”) but again, they’re all still walking around and talking. I didn’t see one name who Trump has been able to effectively “silence.”


Was Trump’s tweet about Gillibrand petty and mean? Sure.

Has she been silenced? No.

Is she enjoying reaping the benefits of this controversy, fundraising and raising her national profile as the 2020 presidential elections approach? Undoubtedly.

Go ahead and criticize the President, Senator Gillibrand. But whining about being “silenced” when you’re anything but is just playing the victim, and that’s weak. Sad!

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