Outlaw Hero Puts This Awesome Message about Trump on a Texas Traffic Sign

Early morning commuters in Dallas had a good laugh Tuesday morning after an unknown hacker/hero/professional tamperer decided to take control of several TXDOT electronic construction signs.  The unusual signs that were spotted included “Bernie for president,” and “Work is canceled- go back home.”


But the best one of all?


Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard.  Well done, random Bernie bros.

Initially, it was assumed the signs were hacked into from an offsite computer, but TXDOT reported that the only way to change the signs was to physically break into them, and change each one individually.  They added that the person who did this could face legal consequences.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Donald Trump isn’t going to offer to pay the legal bills for this one.

H/T: Tim Ciesco/NBC DFW


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