Trump Refuses to Condemn Supporters for Sending Death Threats (VIDEO)

Add this to the million existing reasons for the #NeverTrump movement.

Donald Trump spoke with Wolf Blitzer today on CNN and did what he always does: talks incoherent circles around a point because he’s too intellectually challenged to formulate complete sentences. Then, of course, when forced to answer a question, he seems to always choose the answer most morally corrupt.  Which is totally a weird coincidence because Donald Trump is clearly a super principled guy.


Julia Ioffe, a reporter who wrote an article for GQ on Melania Trump, has been the recipient of disgusting anti-semitic attacks and death threats because she didn’t paint Melania in the perfect light.  Blitzer asked Trump if he had a message for those who were sending the hateful messages to this reporter for her story.  Trump not only defended them by talking about how “nasty” the article was (as if they were justified), he also remarked, “They shouldn’t be doing that with wives.” No really.  He said that.

Watch the clip below:



He doesn’t have a message to his supporters who send death threats, and now, only a short month after he went out of his way to smear Heidi Cruz, he conveniently thinks wives should be left alone.

How very Trump of him.



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