[VIDEO] Trump's AZ Chairman Screams at Staffers for Delegate Ineptitude

Yesterday, streiff covered the giant delegate FAIL that the Trump campaign had in Arizona this weekend.

In true Trump fashion, Trump’s Arizona chairman Jeff DeWit promised a lawsuit over the delegate debacle because everything in the whole world is unfair when it doesn’t go Trump’s way.


But behind the scenes?  Apparently DeWit was well aware it was the Trump team’s own shortcomings that led to the delegate results, and let’s just say he was less than thrilled about it.

DeWit was caught on camera yelling at the staffers for their mistakes:

“CALL ME, I WAS UP ALL NIGHT, I DIDN’T SLEEP. (inaudible) You put names on there and you didn’t even know who they are?!”

One would think it would take some real effort to find such incompetent people in so many states, but the way all the imbeciles of the country flock to Trump, it isn’t surprising.  Good luck with that lawsuit, bro.


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