CNN Host Laughs as Trump Whines About Unfair Double Standards and Says "the Indians" are Mad at Clinton [VIDEO]

Chris Cuomo couldn’t hold back his laughter while interviewing Donald Trump on CNN Monday morning, and who could blame him?  Trump was on “New Day” to discuss his comments about Hillary Clinton benefiting from a double standard, and as usual he tried everything he could to deflect attention from his own atrocious behavior.

Watch below:


Chris Cuomo: You said Clinton’s statement that “I know how to deal with men who go off the reservation—“ you said two things about that.  One, you said “no she doesn’t, she doesn’t do well with those men.”  I want you to explain that. You also said something that I thought was curious to Fox yesterday, you said “I think Hillary Clinton saying that to me or about me is inappropriate.” How can you find her saying that inappropriate but saying that China’s raping the US, you know, that that’s appropriate for you to say. That she’s playing the woman card, that that’s appropriate for you to say, but her saying she knows how to deal with men who go off the reservation, that’s inappropriate? How do you see that?

Donald Trump: Well she’s taken, she has been taking a lot of heat for that statement, not from you obviously but, you know they do call it the “Clinton Network,” but she has taken from others a lot of heat having to do with that statement. And I think it’s a very harsh statement, it’s basically like “I can handle men, don’t worry about me, I can handle men” If I made that statement about women, it would make front page headlines.

Cuomo: Yeah, you basically did.  You said all she’s got is that she’s a woman.

Trump: Now I won’t even bring up the fact that the Indians have gone wild on that statement.   You know that, okay.  The Indians have said that statement is a disaster statement and they want a retraction. I’m not gonna get into that.

Cuomo: Well you just did get into it, I had not really heard that.

Trump: I’m not bringing that up, I’m saying—

Cuomo: You did bring it up. You did just bring it up.

Trump: I think it’s a very nasty statement to men.  And if I made that statement, it would be a big, big story.

Well as whiny as Donald Trump is, I imagine he’s not happy after Chris Cuomo couldn’t stop chuckling at his nonsensical answers.

The King of Special Media Treatment, who has gotten unprecedented exposure on CNN, actually has the nerve to imply that CNN gives Clinton special treatment.  Amazing.

“I think it’s a very nasty statement to men,” says the man who has lived his entire life objectifying and degrading women.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.

And as expected from a typical liberal, Trump unsuccessfully tried (but didn’t bring it up- wink, wink) to bring attention to a special interest group who is supposedly offended by a benign expression.  Wasn’t he supposed to be the “non-PC” candidate?

The fact that anyone still takes this joker seriously is incredible, however, it is clear Chris Cuomo is not one of those people.

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