Ted Cruz Schools Chuck Todd on the Senate’s Responsibility to “Advise and Consent” [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz joined Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” yesterday to discuss his view on a SCOTUS nomination.  It should come as a shock to absolutely no one that Todd’s questions were pointedly biased.  But in typical Cruz fashion, Ted takes the reigns and runs circles around Chuck Todd by factually explaining the US Constitution.


Todd: But why not go through the process? Shouldn’t the United States senate do its duty and go through the process?  Reject it, Senator, but go through the process.

Cruz: By the way- by the way- the senate’s duty is to advise and consent.  You know what, the senate is advising right now.  We are advising that a lame duck president in an election year is not gonna be able to tip the balance of the Supreme Court.  That we’re gonna have an election.  And if liberals are so confident that the American people want: unlimited abortion on demand, want religious liberty torn down, want the second amendment taken away, want veterans’ memorials torn down, want the crosses and stars of David sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen veterans, then go and make the case to the people.  I don’t think the American people want that.  I’m very happy to take that case directly to Hillary Clinton, directly to Bernie Sanders, and I would note- look- how do we know Donald Trump’s record on this is gonna be bad?  He has supported liberals for four decades.  Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid.  Anyone who cares about judges would not be supporting Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  And the consequence is: if either Hillary, or Bernie, or Donald Trump is the President, we will see the second amendment written out of the constitution.  This is a basic question: who will defend our liberties?”


Judging by Chuck Todd’s constant condescending “yeahs” and “mmhmms” in the middle of Ted Cruz’s argument, he wasn’t quite ready for the Cruz jab and grab.

Funny how all of a sudden “going through the process even though something will be rejected” is being touted as “necessary” by liberals.  I don’t recall hearing the same view from them when it came to voting on the repeal of Obamacare.


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