The Escalating Fashion War Between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

rubio boots

Yesterday afternoon, Ted Cruz’s communications director Rick Tyler took the mudslinging to a completely different level, mocking Marco Rubio’s black boots below.



Come on. Look at them. Just LOOK AT THEM. They’re beautiful. Presidential even.

How can you NOT vote for such a suave looking gentleman?

The Cruz camp made a mistake by giving this attention. Women all over the world have to be falling in love with Marco Rubio right now.

This guy is the real deal. His fashion is on point. He’s secure enough in his manhood to be fashionable. He was made to be President.

As NY Mag notes, Marco Rubio reps his heritage whenever he can, complete with Cuban heeled boots. This guy’s got it together.

If Cruz wants a fashion war, he’s going to have to do better than dressing up like Woody from Toy Story:

See?  Rubio wins.

Look, all I’m saying is, wouldn’t it be nice to go from President Mom Jeans to President Debonair?

Keep rocking those boots, Marco.


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