Help Chris Dunn See Christmas

Houston Methodist Hospital is still trying to kill one of their coherent patients.

On Monday, I wrote about Chris Dunn, a 46 year old former EMT whose life is in jeopardy because Houston Methodist hospital is threatening to pull the plug on his life support.


Yesterday, Chris Dunn’s family contacted me to share some developments in the situation, and it sounds like the hospital is doubling down on their abhorrent actions to end Dunn’s care.

As it stood on Monday, the hospital had filed an injunction after Dunn received a second 2-week extension to receive care.  They sought to remove Dunn’s mother, Evelyn Kelly, as medical power of attorney, and appoint a third party power of attorney.

Dunn’s lawyers discovered late Wednesday that Justine Moore, a hospital employee, has applied for guardianship of Dunn.  Certainly a hospital employee would not be the best choice for an objective third party, right?  Isn’t a guardian supposed to have the patient’s best interest at heart?

As if that isn’t corrupt enough, Texas Right to Life states that Moore is one of employees who previously informed Evelyn that the hospital was planning to remove Dunn’s life sustaining treatment and there is evidence she would go against Dunn’s wish to remain alive.  So, a woman whose priority is clearly the hospital she works for has now applied to become guardian for Chris Dunn to make medical decisions for him.


Again, Dunn is not unconscious or too ill to comprehend the situation.  When he is not heavily sedated, his lawyers have communicated to the court that he is alert and responsive. This is clearly demonstrated by the video they recorded that shows Dunn begging for his life.

Texas Right to Life, a non-partisan statewide pro-life organization in Texas, has started a petition and social media campaign for Chris Dunn.  The petition can be found here.  Dunn’s story is shared under the hashtag #HelpChrisSeeChristmas.

Anyone wishing to donate to Dunn’s medical expenses may do so here:

Dr. Marc L. Boom, President and CEO of Houston Methodist can be contacted at 713-441-2671 or [email protected].


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