Millennials Are At It Again...And It Just Gets More Ridiculous

Students at Lebanon Valley College outside of Philadelphia are suddenly feigning offense at the name of a campus building.  Lynch Memorial Hall, the offending building, was named after Clyde Lynch, who was president of the college from 1932 to 1950.


Not only are the students insisting the name be changed because they associate “racial overtones” with this man’s last name, but being typical millennials, they have predictably given school administrators a list of further demands.

Some of the other demands included more “sensitivity training” for staff, and a more diverse curriculum.  Because, you know, the STUDENTS are the ones who know what they should or shouldn’t learn.  Why are they even attending college?  Sounds to me like they already know everything.  Time to pack it up and go home.  Maybe they can personally handwrite their own degrees, too.

So, where does this snowflake sensitivity end?  Are they going to insist next that people actually change their names if it could be misconstrued by someone else as offensive?  If so, attorney general Loretta Lynch has got a serious problem, and should really stop violating everyone’s “safe spaces” by appearing on television.

What about the last name “White?”  Should all the Whites go to court and change it to something less offensive, like say, “Red?”  No wait, then another subset may be offended, so that won’t work. And don’t get me started with all the offensive people named “Brown” in America.

What about the last name “Hooker?”  That could be a derogatory term for a female.  I’m sure there are feminists somewhere out there who are offended by the existence of that last name.  We should probably make all the Hookers change their last name, so it doesn’t trigger anyone.


Look, bad things happened in our country.  African Americans were, and in some cases, still are treated horribly.  It’s a real issue.  I’ve even written about it.  I’m far from insensitive about the plight of African Americans in the US.  But, really?  This is where we are in almost 2016?  Feigning outrage over a family name someone has no control over?

It is one thing to be a victim.  It is another thing to constantly victimize yourself.  Mr. Lynch was president of Lebanon Valley until he died.  And according to the school’s spokesman Marty Parkes, he was a “very important figure” to the school.

The worst part: school officials are actually considering these demands, planning to address them at a forum next month.  They apparently have still not learned the number one rule when dealing with millennials.  YOU DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.


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