John Kennedy (R-LA) says Big Tech's Power "Scares" Him While Playing Footsie on Net Neutrality

Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) has been playing a lot of footsie with net neutrality proponents, foremost of whom is Google, lately.

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Kennedy wrote a weak-kneed letter on the subject several months ago, and said he was “honestly undecided” about a net neutrality CRA resolution dubbing it “a very, very close call.” (Arrested Development voiceover: It wasn’t. Net neutrality is an anti-property rights scheme cooked up by big content companies like Google to ensure them an unlimited opportunity to sell ads; it’s cronyism, pure and simple, and obviously bad).


Kennedy is viewed as a viable target for sustaining net neutrality by the Marxist-ish pro-net neutrality lefty group Free Press.


This is all why we urged you previously to make your views known to Kennedy by sending him these nifty “I Work For Google” buttons.*

And it makes it just a little bit surprising that Kennedy is apparently now fretting that Big Tech’s power “scares” him. But here we are, according to Politico:

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a member of the Judiciary Committee, told MT he’s in the process of drafting a letter asking Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to invite CEOs from the tech giants to testify in Congress. “I’m proud of them – they’re very successful American companies,” he said. “But, sometimes their power scares me.”

If this is actually true, Sen. Kennedy, here’s a tip: Get off the fence about net neutrality, because all that policy does is entrench the “scary” power of Google and the other Big Tech megalodons that rely on using other people’s property for free to serve up high-yield advertising to Internet users everywhere.

Net neutrality isn’t about “freedom of information,” it’s about a few powerful companies’ ability to maintain their very lucrative ad businesses free of any impediments that could theoretically be indirectly imposed if, say, there were “fast” and “slow” lanes on the Internet.


And don’t take lobbying appointments with people who fundamentally do not believe in property rights, or have your staff treating them like credible people.

You’re a Republican. From Louisiana.

*Disclaimer: The “I Work For Google” buttons were designed by a RedState associate and occasional contributor who receives a portion of the per-button price. – Ed.


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