Political Correctness, Bullying and other BS

Some lessons need to be learned: You can tell your child a million times, “don’t touch the stove, it’s hot,” or you can tell them once, let them touch it, and they quickly figure it out.  Some will think I am evil, but the fact is it’s effective. Choices are a part of life; the wrong ones will burn you.


Traditionally in America, we have always tried to make things a little better for our kids than we had for ourselves.  It’s the American way, but it is one that, in my opinion, sets us up for failure.  The generation-to-generation increase in living standards (not just financial) makes it impossible for people to learn lessons that they need to survive.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.  Does anyone remember hearing that when you were a kid?  It still holds true if you don’t take feelings into account, but in today’s hypersensitive society that is not the case, it’s all about feelings.

Words that were perfectly acceptable a couple decades ago are demonized because some group’s feelings got hurt.  Just the other day I was made aware of a societal memo that I must have missed.  The M word is NOT an acceptable term, small people, or is it little people were offended by it. Obviously the porn industry didn’t get the memo, or maybe they just don’t care. Either way it doesn’t matter since no one watches porn anyway.

Dealing with the bully is no different.  While I do not endorse physical confrontation, I would like to share a childhood story. My dad was at work when my brother was expelled from grade school for beating up some kid.  I was raised by parents who believed wholeheartedly in not sparing the rod. All of us kids knew that when he got home, there was going to be hell to pay and mom was a master of the old “wait until your father gets home” routine. Surprisingly the old man wanted to know the circumstances. My brother explained that so-and-so was calling some retarded kid names and shoving him, so my brother stepped in and introduced the bully to a beating.  The next day the principal explained the situation the same as my brother.


I was only in kindergarten at the time, but I was old enough to understand that dad wasn’t happy about the school’s decision. My old man was hard on us, but that day we learned that it is possible to be wrong, but still be right. Dad seemed a little nicer than usual during the time that my brother served out his expulsion. That was a rare treat.

It is obvious to many in America that we need to stop relying on a federal government that is both, highly irresponsible and immensely powerful. These idiots have enslaved generations to come with $123 trillion in unfunded liabilities. They want us to believe they can determine what is best for me and you and your family.  We need to start teaching our kids to have some self-confidence and self-reliance that is based on reality, not based on arrogant “everybody is a winner (too big to fail), everyone gets a trophy (bailouts)” policies. We are seeing the results of this line of thinking.

If you don’t believe that gay marriage is right, the politically correct crowd labels you as a homophobe. Its my belief that people can do anything they want sexually, with as many people as they want as long as no one is underage or being forced to participate (unless they agreed previously to be forced). My opposition to gay marriage is based on the word marriage, not the word gay. But don’t say that in public or you could lose your job or be charged with a hate crime.


Our President’s “evolution” aside, marriage is still between one man and one woman. It’s like mixed doubles in tennis; you just can’t get it done with two women on the same team. It’s a union between a man, a woman and their God and there should be no advantage or disadvantage for ones marital status. Recently the government, because of the tax and benefit advantages they granted, have made “marriage” a giveaway program and subject to “fairness” scrutiny.  Government should stay as far away from our bedrooms as possible, and that includes redefining “marriage.” But since there is an advantage, it should be extended to two men or two women that want to commit themselves to each other in some sort of union. But that union cannot be a marriage by definition.

The above examples of our changing culture need to be addressed. What is bringing about this change? Is it open for debate, or are we just supposed to keep our mouths shut and ignore it? I suggest that if we look at the history of political correctness we can find some of the answers.

While I am not opposed to changing, I am opposed to fundamentally changing Americans to be reliant on the government, rather than one’s self.  This didn’t start with Barack Obama, nor will it end with him either.  This lesson is going to have to be learned every few generations.


Remember, don’t touch the stove, it’s hot.


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