Portman for Senate TV Ad: "Jobs Tour"

Today our campaign released our first TV ad: “Jobs Tour.” The ad highlights our results-oriented jobs proposal, and addresses the top issue on the minds of Ohio voters, and the primary reason I am in the race, Ohio’s economy.  I wanted to take a moment to share it with you.


Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs in the last three years during the Strickland-Fisher Administration, while my opponent, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher was Ohio’s Jobs Czar. Ohio also continues to fall behind other states, losing companies and jobs. And Washington and Columbus are not helping.  This election will be about who is best able to take on these economic challenges and who is most willing to put forward new, bold ideas that will get Ohioans back to work.

My jobs proposal is the result of my travels to all of Ohio’s 88 counties in the past year or so, including more than fifty factory tours and visits to retraining centers, community colleges, farms, health care centers, and small businesses.  Those visits, and the discussions with Ohioans from all walks of life that came from them, are reflected in the Portman Plan for Ohio Jobs which we highlight in this first ad.

“Jobs Tour” is a first step in what will be a tough and long general election.  It is my hope that this election remains, like this ad is, focused on the key issues facing Ohio and who has the best ideas to solve them.  Unfortunately, there will be many who will attempt to distract voters, scare voters, or mislead voters with false, partisan attacks. In fact,  it is already happening.


That’s why it is so important to me that you are with me in this fight, because it will take a lot of work, and it can’t be done without your support, your resources, and your time. It will be hard, but, like you, I am in the fight because I believe Ohio’s – and America’s – future and the future for our kids and grandkids are worth fighting for.  We can bring Ohio back, and we can bring our country back. We must.

Thanks, as always, for your support. I appreciate the important role sites like RedState play in informing and engaging voters and activists across the country.

I hope you will get engaged and involved in this important race:

All best,




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