Counting Coup

The Word of the Week appears to be “coup.” It turns out that an attorney for one of Adam Schiff’s impeachment witnesses tweeted out “The coup has started” at almost the moment the Trump Administration started. Trump himself used the word last week, saying, “As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP.”


I have observed that President Trump is a lot more careful and disciplined when he says things like this than his enemies give him credit for. Right now they are ridiculing the comment, claiming that Trump is calling the impeachment effort a coup. But that isn’t exactly what he said, is it? He said “what is taking place” is a coup. And not an impeachment. The same thing happened when Trump claimed: “Obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower.” That statement was ridiculed as well. But now we’re learning that our spies don’t use wires anymore. They use FISA warrants… to search the NSA’s massive database of everyone’s emails, texts, and telephone calls. The Title I warrant on Carter Page let them snoop on virtually everyone in the building.

The trouble with the word coup is that Americans tend to associate the term with military juntas in far-off banana republics, deposing El Presidente with tanks in the streets. That isn’t going to happen here; it’s ridiculous to even suggest it. So using a term like coup does add a “grassy knoll” flavor to things. But maybe it shouldn’t.

When we first learned about the Whistleblower Rules being changed to permit the use of second-hand “hearsay” evidence, I tweeted out a joke about an imaginary suspense thriller concerning bureaucrats who were plotting to take over the government by changing policies and procedures. At the time I thought the idea was funny. Now I’m not so sure.


Suppose that our CIA, which is known to have fomented quite a number of coups around the world over the years, decided for whatever reason that they were going to get rid of Donald Trump. How might they go about that? One way would be to trick domestic law enforcement — the FBI in particular — into thinking that Trump had some nefarious connection with foreign powers. That would send the FBI into action, investigating Trump and everyone around him. Who knows, they might even get him on something.

So how might they do that? Well, they could send foreign “professors” who aren’t known to the FBI to be CIA assets, to meet with some low-level staffers in the Trump campaign, posing as Russians or people with connections to Russians. In the trade, they call that “dirtying up” someone. Then they tell the FBI, “Trump’s campaign people are meeting with creepy Russians.” And away goes the FBI, like a chicken with its head cut off. Comey is on a mission: he’s going to Save the Republic from those Wascally Wussians. And Brennan is laughing his head off.

Well phooey, it didn’t work. After millions of dollars and hundreds of witnesses, the FBI and its Special Counsel couldn’t bring Trump down with anything they found.


What’s Plan B? How about sending a CIA agent to trick the House Democrats into impeaching Trump? We know they want to… all they need is a “crime” and some “evidence.” So the CIA sends a guy in there to make their dreams come true.

This isn’t a coup attempt. It’s two of them, both cleverly disguised as someone other than the CIA going after Trump for what looks like a plausible reason. But make no mistake: the impetus for both of these “get Trump” crusades originated in the CIA. Trump is correct. The impeachment effort isn’t a coup, and the Crossfire Mueller wasn’t a coup. The coup plotters are the people who set those things in motion. And they are in our very own CIA.

We are likely to hear before the end of the month that the first part of this story is true: that John Brennan dispatched Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud to pose as sketchy Russians to “dirty up” some of Trump’s campaign people. Brennan then sent a “finding” into the FBI warning them that Trump’s people were meeting with suspicious Russians. Whether the FBI got tricked at this point, or were in on it from the beginning, almost doesn’t matter. What matters is that the CIA tried to depose the President of the United States.


The immediate question is how quickly we’re going to recognize this pattern in the case of the Mystery CIA Man who shows up in Adam Schiff’s life and gives him everything he needs to do what Robert Mueller could not. Just think, Adam Schiff could go down in history as the man who brought down Donald Trump. Is he ever lucky that the CIA showed up at his door.


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