Beware Craigslist – Another Case Where Unborn Lives Don’t Matter

The Abortuary - America's Dark, Satanic Mill.
The Abortuary – America’s Dark, Satanic Mill.

NSFW warning on the video below. Also, you can’t unhear this story. It is that sad and tragic. A woman took out an ad on Cragslist offering to sell used baby clothes. A woman seven months pregnant responded. The woman placing the ad then assaulted the 7-month pregnant respondent and cut open her stomach in hopes of stealing the baby. Predictably, the amateur surgery failed and the baby died. Predictably, since the woman who got forcibly aborted survived, no charges of murder will be filed.

What type of creep puts a fake ad out on Craigslist as bait so that she can cut open a woman’s stomach and steal a baby? A completely crazy person. She could have just adopted. She could have been artificially inseminated. She could have just been naturally inseminated on any given Saturday night. Also, why isn’t she being charged with murder? A child died here whether or not the laws so admit.

Well, according to the DA involved, the baby never breathed outside of the womb. So guess what? No murder charge. I mean, if we charged murder in cases where the child never drew breath before leaving the womb that could get complicated. I mean what sort of “medical procedure” involves killing an unborn child in such a way that it never draws a breath outside the womb*?

So this is how corrupted we are by the abortion culture. The lady who was attacked survived. Therefore, according to the laws, only a nobody got murdered. You ask the woman who had her child removed by an amateur abortionist whether she feels as if just a nobody got murdered. But if you’re Pro-Choice, and you don’t believe it’s a child instead of a choice, I’m sure I’m talking to a wall and the poor, bereft mother is just irrational. You know how women get emotional and stuff.

So by all means beware Craigslist. Beware any huckster who sends garbage solicitations in general. But while you are being aware, beware the culture of death that will literally let someone rip a child out of pregnant woman’s womb and only charge them with assault on the mother. Because if that unborn baby’s life doesn’t matter, then let’s discuss whether your life matters after you’ve popped on out either.

I won’t waste oxygen breaking this to you gently. If you can’t muster outrage over what happened to both the mother AND that totally innocent unborn child, you don’t deserve to have your life matter. I am sick and tired of the detestable evil that is countenanced to keep Abortion Incorporated cranking away over at the black, satanic mill.

*-I’ll offer a hint. A doesn’t stand for Apple and there ain’t no J to stand for Repair_Man_Jack.

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