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The Flag Most Dems Really Want To See Banned
The Flag Most Dems Really Want To See Banned

When proud, lifelong Democrat Fritz Hollings repudiated decent Americanism and defiantly reenacted Fort Sumter by raising the Stars and Bars over the South Carolina State Capitol, the Democrats had no problem with it. It was just a rag. If he needed to wave it around to keep SC in the right hands, let him appease the peckerwoods in the manner of Huey Long. Today, the Democrats still find it useful in their efforts to maintain power and control. In the ultimate political volte-face, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sounded the alarm about the prevalence of The Stars and Bars in SC.


In a blast email sent after 7 p.m. Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the issue of the Confederate flag, which zoomed to the front of national consciousness after a white supremacist was charged with nine counts of murder after a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, was “not over yet.”

Never mind that the current GOP Governor has called for Fritz’s Folly to get taken down like Atlanta when General Sherman came through. Never mind that the people most intimately impacted by the mass shooting at AME Church have forgiven Dylann Root in order to expunge this horrible man from both their memories and their lives rather than carry his odious and worthless presence as an undue burden. It can’t be over until the DCCC extracts its pound of flesh. It can’t be over until Salon Magazine finds it properly useful. It can’t be over until the people who wouldn’t be capable of finding gainful employment without racism to combat through arson and vandalism have gotten paid not burn the local neighborhood down to the ground.

So far, SC Governor Nikki Haley has had the best of all worlds. She gets to stem the tide of race-baiting. She gets to issue the condign call for the death penalty on Dylann Root and she gets to repeal the colossally evil decision of a previous !DEMOCRAT! governor. If she were a professional Democrat, a political maneuver such as that would be a cause for celebration. Being a decent human instead of a professional Democratic Party operative, Governor Haley was saddened by the church shooting. She is properly frightened when she sees Joan Walsh, Deray McKesson, “journalists” of the likes hired by CNN and MSNBC and now the DCCC all descend on her state as would a huge pack of carrion birds that follow orc armies in a Lord of The Rings movie.


But what is the real game here? What changes if the Stars and Bars comes down? Aside from unfairly wrecking a lot of South Carolina, what could these scumbag carpetbaggers actually accomplish other than the same grubby personal enrichment extracted from the South by their predecessors? There simply isn’t enough symbolic power left in our cynical, post-modern world to make Joan Walsh relevant to much of anything. Not much short of an earthquake would make the DCCC relevant. If [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] can’t accomplish that, neither could an army of Secret Ninjas.

No, the Stars and Bars is just the first flag the professional left would like to see taken down. Read that picture atop the post. I mean what could be more offensive and evil to a professional Leftist than the Stars and Bars?

Just ask the prisoners of US Japanese internment camps, civilians impacted by American bombing campaigns, in Korea*, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, inmates at Gitmo and post 9-11 torture camps, or the thousands of men and women locked up in American prisons for victimless crimes.

Believe you me that is where the conversation goes next. Like Bill Ayers and Dylann Root, the people gunning for the CSA today would like nothing better than to wipe their butts on Old Glory** tomorrow. So by all means, further stamp out the last vestiges of the Democratic Party in the Southeastern US by getting rid of their pirate flag of unconstitutional rebellion. But while so doing make up your minds. Because many of the same objections being raised to the Stars and Bars will also be applied when the very same people come after their real target. Decide if it matters to you if Old Glory gets labeled a symbol of institutional racism and therefore taken down.


*-They would have been so much better off under the wise and enlightened Kim Dynasty.


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