The Reverend, the Racists and the Dane-geld

He'll Always Encourage You to Tithe!
He’ll Always Encourage You to Tithe!

And that is called paying the Dane-geld; But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld, You never get rid of the Dane. Rudyard Kipling


If you looked up an Organizational Chart of Sony Pictures, you would see Amy Pascal listed as a Co-Chair. What that chart would fail to show you is that her strings are being pulled and her decisions are now being vetted by an interested party not represented anywhere else on the Sony Pictures corporate hierarchy. Pascal, you see, was recently outed for having sent emails that portrayed Barack Obama; Dominus et Deus Americanus, in an unflattering light. Sharpton issued a statement that would be of material interest to any of Sony’s corporate shareholders.

Sharpton called the conversation “candid” but stopped short of calling for Pascal’s head after she was exposed making racist remarks about President Obama with Hollywood producer Scott Rudin. “So the jury is still out on where we go with Amy,” Sharpton said. “We clearly are willing to deal with an immediate formula to see where we deal with breaking down the walls of inflexible and so far immovable racial exclusion in Hollywood.”

The jury isn’t really out on Amy. She is well aware of who her new pimp is and how the payments will end up working. Sharpton is much more than happy to work with Amy Pascal over whom he has leverage. A totally free individual would tell him to go visit a lumberyard and violate himself with a 2 X 4. Pascal will pay her Dane-geld, and Sharpton has his hooks in a piece of Hollywood.


This has worked well for Al Sharpton for many, many years. Author and Attorney Ken Boehm describes the typical Sharpton modus operando.

Sharpton notably did not publicly assert his support for Pascal after the meeting — what observers say seems like a typical Sharpton “shakedown” in the making. Pay him in cash or power, critics say, and you buy his support or silence. “Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him. Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns,”

And, as Rudyard Kipling wrote of the Medieval Danes, he never goes away. He’s your good buddy Al. It’s the voice of your conscience speaking. Giving is a noble thing to do. He’s just there to convince you that you really should keep giving more and more. Another source describes the ongoing parasitism.

“Once Sharpton’s on board, he plays the race card all the way through,” said a source who has worked with the Harlem preacher. “He just keeps asking for more and more money.”

Sharpton’s National Action Network goes throughout the gamut of corporate America and threatens until he gets paid to shut-up or leave. He has successfully extorted or blackmailed all of the following companies: AT&T, McDonald’s, Verizon, Walmart, Macy’s, Pfizer, General Motors, American Honda and Chrysler. Anything you buy from these people may well cost more so that they can pass along the cost of supporting The Reverend in his resplendent lifestyle.


If a worse image of Christ ever stood on a pulpit, he was probably the real inspiration for the character Elmer Gantry. I’m not sure what disgusts me more. Is it corporate America’s continued cowardliness athwart this classless jackal with a Bible in his hand, or is it Barack Obama giving Presidential Approval to his despicable conduct? Reverend Sharpton is a disgrace to the Christian Faith as a minister and a disgrace to our nation as a government advisor. He cannot be condemned in a manner that adequately plumbs the depths of his iniquities.


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