Immigration Kabuki Theatre: With Senator Landrieu As “Two-Face”

Senator Landrieu Straddles The Dumb Fence
Senator Landrieu Straddles The Dumb Fence

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Mary Landrieu when she’s electorally safe.

And here’s Mary Landrieu’s new ad now that she’s electorally endangered.

The ad then notes that Landrieu “voted to double the border patrol, build triple-layer fencing, and voted nine times to block amnesty….I’m Mary Landrieu, and I approve this message because on border security, I’ll put my record up against anyone, especially Bill Cassidy,”

If Jeff Foxworthy were hard up for material, I’ve got a few lines that can help until he ditches the writer’s-block. You might be a Democratic Senator near Election Day if:
“You suddenly decide going golfing with Obama would be your handicap.”
“You have velvet pictures of both Elvis and Ray Charles to promote cultural diversity.”
Jesus stops being a curse-word in your daily vocabulary.”
And finally, you might be a Democrat Senator near Election Day if…
The idea of a Border Fence stops being one of your comedy punch-lines.

Yes, that’s right. As we close in on Election Day, and Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu sees her career-dissipation light begin to flicker, she has pulled an old, cynical chest-nut out of the playbook of John McCain. She now worries about illegal immigration. She now claims to want a border fence. This is not in any sense reflective of Mary Landrieu’s true position on the issue. This reflects her position in getting to stay in DC and represent The DC Political ClassLouisiana in The United States Senate.

What we are seeing here is Immigration Kabuki Theatre. It stars Mary Landrieu in the role of Two-Face. When she’s safe from challenge, she represents the wealthy Cocaine Uni-nostril Class of McClean, Virginia in the Senate. She laughs at people who want to slow the flow of immigrants into America. Then she goes back home to Mom and Dad and claims to be Mary From The Block about once every six years. At that point she worries about the security of America’s borders. The dishonesty is rife here regardless of which view represents what she feels about this issue in her heart. It reminds me of an old Credence Clearwater Revival song about Richard Nixon. Mary Landrieu should be back home spending more time with Mom and Dad. All her wonderful Homeland Security votes should make her feel snug and safe there.

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