Asian-American Voters Thwarting Affirmative Action Push in California

The Result of Enforced Social Justice
The Result of Enforced Social Justice

Voters typically vote Democrat because they expect to be given something. The current coalition empowering Democratic victories is a Visigoth Holiday at taxpayer expense. The Democrats have a problem when they run out of White, Republican taxpayers to flense in order to finance the unabated stream of candy. In California; they’ve just about run out of Republicans period. This has caused them to have to cannibalize their own. When the beer party starts charging for the adult beverages, a funny thing happens. In California, that funny thing is happening to the Affirmative Action Amendment that was supposed to overturn Proposition 209.


In California, Asian-Americans and African-Americans have one important trait in common. They are an increasingly loyal and dependable automatic vote for any candidate with a D after their name. In the 2012 vote, these two minority groups had the highest likelihood, when sampled at random to vote for Barack Obama’s reelection. This has possibly lead the Democrats to take Asian-Americans for granted and not pay attention to their interests. This is about to bite the California Democrats in the butt.

A major difference between African Americans and Asian-Americans is that there are more Asian-American voters in the California electorate. Only Hispanics constitute a larger minority bloc. This has led the Asian-Americans to expect liberal governance to give goodies to them instead of the African-Americans. I mean after all; who is giving the California Democrats more votes to stay in power? If the fundamental attraction of voting for Democrats is the election of Santa Claus, the Asian-American voting block is now demanding a little more in their stockings than a lump of coal.

To understand the Asian-American angst over race preferential college admissions, one needs to examine the racial make-up of the student body at Stanford, UCLA or Berkley. Any enforced increase in Black or Hispanic enrollment will not be coming predominately at the expense of Caucasians. As soon as the college admissions process at California public universities started being forced to value hard work, proven achievement and legitimate intellectual curiosity, California’s most academically accomplished flagship universities predictably, and condignly turned Asian. The typical spoiled and sloppy suburban SWPL had no prayer against groups of people with cultural identity, internal drive and functional families. It was almost as if America could award merit in spite of its relentless Demotic mobs.


Now the old “Civil Rights” coalition has come to threaten any vestige of advancement being based upon hard work and achievement. Ed Hernandez, the Democratic Legislator who sponsored the bill is amazed that Asian Americans don’t just blindly follow the Democratic Party Line.

“I’ve gotten calls from parents alleging there will be a quota system and that their kids will never be able to get into college*, and that’s totally inaccurate,”

A Republican State Legislator actually smells an opportunity to win on a Liberal bread-and-butter issue. He accuses the Democrats of backward unthinking Reaction** below.

“We’re not adding more seats at the university,” Huff said. “It just begs the question: Do we really want to go back to a closed chapter in this country’s life?”

So the Democrats respond by insulting the intelligence of the Chinese-American parents whose children are scarfing up all the admissions tickets to CIT. A Democratic legislator embodies the subtle racism pedaled by most modern “Civil Rights” activists below.

“These Chinese families are not looking at the larger picture. We are not making the investments we need in higher education,” he said. “We need to expand opportunities for all students.”

The Chinese-Americans see the big picture 5X5. The Democrats ran for office on the basis of their ability to hand out the bread and circuses known euphemistically as “social justice.” The Chinese were too smart to not see through the smokescreen. They voted for the Dems and now they demand their rake-off. It’s almost as if they read their Alinsky in a diligent manner and understand the maxim that “Last guys rarely finish nice.” Such are the perils of running a political organization that organizes its followers on the basis of its ability to rip-off others.


*Well imagine the (expletive) out of that!
**Ha! I never imagined the New-Democrats in California would outsource my job as well…


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