North Korea - The People's Museum of Communist History.

Many Leftists remain deeply enamoured by what Communism ideologically represented. Many practitioners of that benighted worldview strive to disbelieve what Communism was really like in practice. Salon Magazine offers us silly Americans a “clear picture” of what Communism was really like. Actually, Salon Magazine could have saved a few thousand trees. We have a living museum of Communist history about 100 miles due North of Seoul. It’s North Korea – The People’s Museum of Communist History.


This month’s exhibit would truly would make Progressives glow with pride. Margaret Sanger’s vision of racial purity through birth control lives on on the Hermit Kingdom as Eugenic Forced Abortions are regularly performed to keep the blood of the Master Race intact. Now this sounds just like the sort of butt-crazy accusation you hear on the internet all the time. Luckily, this one comes with about 400 pages of carefully-gathered evidence. A UN Commission of Inquiry has seen the worst and served humanity by writing it up. Details follow below.

The commission documents crimes against humanity, including “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation.” “Crimes against humanity are ongoing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea because the policies, institutions and patterns of impunity that lie at their heart remain in place,” it added.

Salon Magazine thinks this sort of thing is just paranoia. They come right out and claim Stalin and Mao weren’t so bad once you make lots of pathetic excuses for them. Here’s what Grima Wormtongue reads like in modern, glossy print.


It is also worth remembering that the Soviets had to fight a revolutionary war – against, among others, the US – which, as the American Revolution is enough to show, doesn’t mainly consist of group hugs. They also faced (and heroically defeated) the Nazis, who were not an ocean away, but right on their doorstep. So much for the USSR. The most horrifying episode in 20th Century official Communism was the Great Chinese Famine, its death toll difficult to identify, but surely in the tens of millions. Several factors evidently contributed to this atrocity, but central to it was Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” a disastrous combination of applied pseudoscience, stat-juking, and political persecution designed to transform China into an industrial superpower in the blink of an eye. The experiment’s results were extremely grim, but to claim that the victims died because they, in their right minds, would not volunteer for “a left-wing dream” is ludicrous.

So obviously Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov needed a nice, long TDY to Maxim Gorky to make everything better for scientific socialism. And the American Revolution wasn’t a group hug at Valley Forge either, Komerade! I particularly admire the use of a No True Scotsman argument to claim Chairman Mao wasn’t really being a good Leftist when starved lots Chinamen.


I think all of the stupid fallacies of Salon Magazine are laid to nines by the objective truth coming out of North Korea. They are racist, eugenic, inhumane, megalomaniacal, paranoid, and above all collectivist. North Korea is everything that Leftism becomes when it approaches it’s Platonic Ideal. If you evaluated Leftism using L’Hospital’s Rule as ideological purity approached an infinite limit; you would get a place like North Korea.

Salon Magazine claims Communism doesn’t encourage conformity. They totally ignore the fact that North Korea forces abortion on any pregnant woman who is repatriated out of fear that she was inseminated with a foreigner’s sperm. I’m sure Salon Magazine will rebut this by claiming that Kim Jung Un was secretly bundling money for Mitt Romney before he had his uncle eaten by 100 dogs.* No True Scotsman is he!

So, like many other Leftists, Salon Magazine tries to sell the world a fake and inaccurate view of Communism. The Far Left learns nothing that doesn’t abet its goals. UN Climate Chief Christiana Figures recently regaled us as to how Communist China was much more effective at protecting its environment than any mere Democracy. I can only say one thing in reply to such mendacious and offensive stupidity. Salon Magazine, “Here’s your sign!”


*-It turns out the uncle was given the Che Guvara Havana Bull Ring treatment instead, but it’s not like Salon Magazine feels any particular obligation to report the truth if it steps on a good, rocking meme.


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