The Bad Side To Voting For Santa Claus

He Knows When You're Awake
He Knows When You’re Awake

So I take my smart-alecky little boy over to our town library. He likes anything in the Diary of The Wimpy Kid series. My boy checks a couple of them out. No sooner do we get in the car and he’s back there laughing at chapter one. This entry in the diary could be entitled Why Santa Claus is a Creep. The kid protagonist has just meditated upon Santa Claus and doesn’t much like the resulting Dark Enlightenment. It seems Santa sees him when he’s sleeping (no diving under the covers Commando), knows when he’s awake, knows if he’s been bad or good, so he’d better be good for goodness sake! To quote Cipher Reagan: “What a mind-job!”


This seems eerily relevant in our country now that we’ve reelected the man who plopped Obamacare right down under our collective tree. Some people are enjoying Christmas. Mirabile dictu! Insurance rates for New Yorkers with pre-existing conditions just got way cheaper! The New York Times shows us the magic of Santa Claus!

Now, rates quoted under the Obamacare exchanges place individual policies within reach for millions of New Yorkers. New York City residents who had been paying $1,000 a month for individual policies in the earlier environment, for example, will now be able to purchase similar coverage on the Obamacare exchanges for slightly more than $300 a month.

In fairness to The Obnoxious, Post-Menopause Leftist*, they do remind us obliquely that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. They somewhat explain how Santa Claus sends the IRS-Elves to mug people who don’t pony up for the North Pole Fund.

What’s changed? Insurers are able to offer more reasonable rates because the individual mandate — the requirement in Obamacare that everyone buy insurance or face financial penalties — is ensuring a high proportion of healthy people in the insured pool. Early quotes for individual policies on the exchanges in several other states have exhibited a similar pattern. That’s true in California, for example, and in Maryland, the latest state to report, rates now compare favorably with those in employer group plans.


You’ll notice that the guys over in the IRS don’t want any part in this particular Nativity Scene. Furthermore, they aren’t the only guys working in the sausage factory who have taken up a vegetarian diet. Congress can inflict Liberalism like ObamaCare on the poor, huddled masses, but you don’t really expect this law to adversely impact them?

And then there’s that aspect of Good, Old Saint Nick that got hilariously sent up in the children’s literature. I share with you just another example of how the Post-modern American Orwell State has rendered your Democracy a rancid joke. It would appear that your Choom Gang is less equal than some other people’s. Details follow below.

A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans. Although these cases rarely involve national security issues, documents reviewed by Reuters show that law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin – not only from defense lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and judges.


And I’ll bet you thought that The Information Superhighway would lead you somewhere other than jail. I’m sure the Easter Bunny is hopping over to your front lawn even as we speak. It’s tough when we learn exactly how Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good…


FBI officials have been sparring with carriers, a process that has on occasion included threats of contempt of court, in a bid to deploy government-provided software capable of intercepting and analyzing entire communications streams. The FBI’s legal position during these discussions is that the software’s real-time interception of metadata is authorized under the Patriot Act. Attempts by the FBI to install what it internally refers to as “port reader” software, which have not been previously disclosed, were described to CNET in interviews over the last few weeks. One former government official said the software used to be known internally as the “harvesting program.”


So there we have it once more abundantly proven. The government big enough and powerful enough to give you everything you want is perfectly empowered to also take away everything that you currently have. Maybe when people receive this Dark Enlightenment they’ll understand why the sell-outs call Senator Cruz a “Whacko-Bird.” It will make it perfectly clear why Rand Paul should not be the one that scares you. Do not blink. To let this government continue to grow unabated is to guarantee that the next few years of American History will be yet another installment in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


*-More accurate than calling the NYT The Old Gray Lady


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