The Liberal Media Intel Operation That Supports The War On Women

The Liberal Media, Hot on The Trail of Mayor FIlner!
The Liberal Media, Hot on The Trail of Mayor Filner!

Once upon a time there was this Conservative Republican. He was the type of guy who never did anything without reading the NT and praying on it a bit first. He was running for mayor of a big city. Then his opponent found a letter written which described how this guy went after women like a Remora fish that hadn’t been fed for a couple of days. The salacious details follow below.


“More than one of us transferred out of his ‘territory’ to avoid his ‘advances,’ ” the letter said. ‘Any claim he makes to holding the ‘high moral ground’ is simply ridiculous, if not self-delusional.”
The letter writers added, “Because we choose to remain anonymous, this letter may just be tossed into the round file. We’ll take that risk because even though our purpose is to ‘expose’ him, we know not to trust him, his methods, or his tendency towards revenge.”
According to the letter, “Many women in D.C. refer to (xxxx) as ‘Bobo,’ ‘Mr. Misogynist,’ ‘Nasty Narcissist,’ or simply ‘Filthy xxxxxx.’ “

The politician’s career ended within six hours. Bryan Ross whinged in affected sanctimony over the false morality of the repugnant family values crowd. George Stephanopoulos reminded us in somber tones of how important this breaking news really and truly was. Except there’s just one problem with the scenario I’ve laid upon the table. A big-time politician really ran for mayor after exhibiting these behaviors and doing all the things the letter later expressed in lurid detail. It’s just that this politician, Bob Filner was a Progressive Leftist and therefore a sympathetic journalistic establishment swept all the unpleasant truths under the table. This is the Intel Ops component to the Elitist Left’s #WaronWomen.

Not all liberal females are detestable hypocrites who put the advancement of leftism ahead of their so-called allegiance to Women’s Rights. Not every liberal female is a complicit accomplice to any Leftist Lothario who demands his own harem in return for political “Progress.” A Former Democratic Party Assemblywoman Lori Saldana attempted to serve both her constituents and her own party by putting the word out on Filthy Filner.


“I blew the whistle on this two years ago to the Democratic Party leadership,” former Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña said.
Saldaña said that in summer 2011 six prominent women in local politics, business and education told her that Filner had physically or verbally harassed them. Saldaña had been exploring what turned out to be an unsuccessful bid for Congress and the conversations came in the context of the 2012 elections.

(HT: Voice of San Diego)

But Saldana talked to that champion of all things womanly and virtuous Francine Busby. She prepares to throw down the gauntlet and really get to the bottom of this and let him have it. Oh, wait….

“Democrats aren’t going to give him a pass, but may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because we’ve waited so long, nearly 20 years, for a mayor who could put forward a progressive agenda,” she said. “But this doesn’t erase what he’s done,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s enough at this point.”

So if you just whip out the Old Progressive Agenda, yes it does. Oh, he’s gotchyer Progressive Agenda right here, Lay-dees. Here’s how his ex-fiancé describes Hizzoner’s behavior.

“Bob’s behavior continued to become more aggressive, standard decorum seemed to disappear. Bob recently began texting other women sexually explicit messages and setting up dates while in my presence and within my line of vision.”

But no, that watchdog over all things political, that guardian over our Democracy, that mighty 4th estate; they were lap-dogs. They were compliant. The Modern American Press perhaps believes it to be Islamophobic to object when a Liberal Democrat selects himself a harem of victims to sexually harass. Heck, when it’s a Leftist in question, they don’t even bother explaining to the lothario in question that harass really is just one word.


The next time some self-righteous, ripe-suck liberal complains about the GOP #WaronWomen, tell them to go take dictation from Filthy Filner. It’s no better than the detestable hypocrites truly deserve.


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