Does Sarah Palin Have A Point?

3rd Parties Elect Real Conservatives.  Oh, wait...
3rd Parties Elect Real Conservatives. Oh, wait…

Does Sarah Palin have a point? She’s Point Guard; she’s got to have a point! Joking aside, yes, she does. And furthermore, she’s also reached a point – a point of total and complete frustration. “If the GOP is a Conservative Party, why in the Sam Heck doesn’t it actually act like Conservatives want it to?” She probably demands in anger. I can’t blame the lady. I’ve felt like asking the same thing myself.


I’ll concede Sarah’s anger has a valid gravamen. I don’t identify as a Republican so that it can get me hooked up at the club. I expect that real patriots will speak hard truths to stupid voters. The republic demands better than extend and pretend. It’s not just going to be OK in ten years. The Valley Forge Patriot won’t go along with fiascoes like the Gang of Eight Comprehensive Amnesty Reform so that Barack Obama will very publically pat him on his ofay, finely-coiffed head. So the correct question to ask here would be. “Is she doing anything constructive with said emotions when she talks about founding a 3rd Party to challenge both The Democrats and The GOP?”

To get a sense of that, it helps to draw historical analogies to past situations that were similar. Up until 1912, Theodore Roosevelt considered himself a good Republican. Then William Howard Taft defeated him for the 1912 Presidential nomination. Roosevelt then went 3rd Party, forming The Progressive Party*.

TR felt that he had a moral justification to separate himself from the GOP at that point. He believed he was the reformer and that Taft, dare I say it, was a RINO. describes Roosevelt’s platform below:

True to Roosevelt’s progressive beliefs, the platform of the party called for major reforms including women’s suffrage, social welfare assistance for women and children, farm relief, revisions in banking, health insurance in industries, and worker’s compensation. The party also wanted an easier method to amend the constitution.


So if you think The Income Tax (16th Amendment), Prohibition (18th Amendment), and The League of Nations, were all good ideas, than so was the Bull Moose Party. It sure made a point. It made a point of Teddy Roosevelt handing the Democrats an election in which their candidate only received 43% of the vote. Amazing how that reminds me of H. Ross Perot’s impact on the Election of 1992.

So Sarah Palin should be mad. She just shouldn’t go away mad. And she certainly shouldn’t be teaming up with Mark Levin. Mark Levin articulates Conservative principles well, but like George Will or Rush Limbaugh, he still gets paid (and perhaps paid more) if Nancy Pelosi is lobbing more idiocy bombs against traditionalism as The Speaker of The House. I’m reminded of a chapter from Rush Limbaugh’s old book The Way Things Ought To Be. He stated “my success is not determined by who wins elections.” America’s, on the other hand, directly is.

So if Governor Palin wants to use her popularity to move the GOP in a more rightward direction, I say “Give ‘em hell!” But please do so from within the party, using the grassroots and the primary process as a fulcrum. Being a point guard is more than just having a point. It also involves orchestrating scoring plays that win the game. Those, she can capably do from within the party. Remember, Senator Ted Cruz does more for Conservatives on his days off than Mark Levin does when he yells invectives over the airwaves. Sarah Palin should try and give us more like Senator Ted Cruz.


*-It was nicknamed The Bull Moose Party. That was kind in comparison to what it probably deserved.


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